Retro World Music Jam – Shinto

Sunday Synth Jam: Danielle (TheSynthFreqMorales & Crystal Morales perform a retro world music jam, Shinto

Technical details:

Composition using the Yamaha Motif-6 flute with delay and reverb as well as Motif-6 cymbals. Roland JV-880 is used for a classic analogue string patch and Roland D-50 patch “Juno clav” is used for the accompaniment.

Synths: Yamaha Motif 6 classic
Roland JV-1080 and JV-880
Roland S-10 sampler- midi controller for JV-880

5 thoughts on “Retro World Music Jam – Shinto

  1. That was fantastic! Great dreamy 80’s vibe. I could practically smell the cocaine, I mean….Bannana Boat suntan lotion.

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