MFOS Seven Segment Linear Envelope Generator

Music From Outer Space has introduced a new synth DIY project, the MFOS Seven Segment Linear Envelope Generator. 

The MFOS Seven Segment Linear Envelope Generator provides from 2 to 7 linear segments you use to design a voltage envelope to control analog synth modules. The slope and threshold for each segment is settable.


  • Selectable Two to Seven Linear Envelope Segments
  • Positive and Negative Slopes
  • Triggered Mode Supports Sustain Segments
  • Gate Mode 1: Complete Envelope on Gate Release.
  • Gate Mode 2: Reset Envelope on Gate Release.
  • Level and Polarity Output Control
  • Two millisecond to several minutes long segment times.
  • Slope runaway detect and reset.
  • Envelope Repeat
  • Manual Gate
  • LEDs Identify Active Segment

Designer Ray Wilson notes, “This is an advanced project and you will need electronic test equipment and trouble shooting skills to successfully build one. The schematics and complete description of the project are at the MFOS site.”

4 thoughts on “MFOS Seven Segment Linear Envelope Generator

  1. Thank you as always, Ray! Your resources and ideas will fuel many generations of DIY synth love for years to come!

    1. Love to see these DIY projects, but I wish that they were available as complete kits for Euro and 5U formats. I’d bet that there are a lot of people, like me, that don’t have the knowledge or time to source parts from half a dozen vendors.

      I’ve had great success with complete kits from MOTM, Blacet and others, but mixed luck with projects that need some electronic parts from Mouser, some from another place, knobs from a different place, custom panels from a guy you have to get ahold of by email, etc. I’ve got several projects ‘in limbo’ because of stuff like that.

      Also, when you have to order parts from four or five different vendors, the shipping starts to be a significant part of your DIY project, which is sort of annoying.

      1. I suppose that can be a hassle sometimes eh? I have experienced this for sure. I think it may be a small price to pay for the potential customization, though.

        Ray seems marvelously in support of folks spreading his products about. Perhaps one of us could start making these complete eurorack kits…?

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