Maschine Workflow Videos

Native Instruments has released a series of videos, embedded above, that look at Maschine workflows. 

The videos, which apply to Maschine Studio, Maschine and Maschine Mikro, cover beat making, sampling, creating melodies, mixing and arranging, exporting tracks and more.

12 thoughts on “Maschine Workflow Videos

  1. That video made me want to look into one of these. I have Komplete so why not? It may satiate my need for the RYTM.

    1. I own Maschine and I am thinking the other way round – it still appeals to me to just have to switch on *one* device only and being able to start making sounds and beats; and not having to boot your computer, start the software, remember the audio interface etc.

      But once all that *is* on, Maschine’s workflow is really great. You almost never need the computer screen for the music making. Very similar to working with Ableton Live and Push, in a way.

    1. Well, “Maschine” is German for “machine” – which somehow makes sense, considering that NI is a German company. And by the way, they have puns in almost all their product names, not least the continuous use of the letter K in lots of cases, where it would spell C in the English words (Kontakt, Traktor, Komplete, Monark… get the pattern?)

      Sorry for ruining the pun by explaining it…

  2. So at this point the machine is like a souped up electribe! I watched the videos through “arrange” and I do like the interface for workflow, but it is not clear to me if you can completely disconnect this from its computer counterpart to work. do you need the computer to run instruments or are they actually loaded into the machine? this all leads me to one question, can it be an independant piece of hardware for making music like an electribe, if so I am looking at the machine in a whole new light and am very impressed.

    1. I’m a big fan of Maschine, I love the tactile interface, and how quickly I can load samples / instruments, etc, and how once I’m running I don’t ever have to look at my computer monitor. However, the one part I can never seem to wrap my head around is its arrangement workflow. I think I’m still stuck thinking in terms of a timeline, where I can bring sounds in and out as I please. In order to get similar, you end up making a lot of duplicate ‘scenes’ that are all slightly different, and then lay those out in order.
      I end up pulling audio out of it and in to Live’s timeline instead. (which is also a bit clunky!)

    2. adding cv gate and audio i/o does not make it into a electribe .?
      i would like to see this before i buy this product it would be more useful for me

  3. Darren – when not connected to a computer running the Maschine software, the maschine hardware simply functions as a basic midi controller., no sound generating capabilities of its own.

    Thanks for the videos, can’t wait to check them out. I have had a maschine for over a year now and it has become a central part of my workflow, but I am always keen for new tips and tricks to squeeze the most out of it.

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