Jered Flickinger Intros The Future Retro Zillion & Swynx

In this pair of videos, Future Retro’s Jered Flickinger introduces and demos the Swynx and the Zillion.

  • The Swynx is a sync box that converts incoming MIDI messages to MIDI clock, DIN sync, CR-78 clock, and Analog clock; and provides a variety of clock-management functions. The Swynx provides the ability to swing the timing of all these clock outputs and select different time signatures, in real-time, with the front panel controls. It can also act as a CR-78 pattern programmer.
  • The Zillion is a new hardware sequencer, inspired by the rare Triadex Muse algorithmic sequencer. The Zillion is a single track algorithmic MIDI sequencer, based on the principles of the Triadex Muse. The Muse used counters and a shift register to generate more than a million musical melodies. The Zillion expands on these ideas to add more features and functionality, providing a ‘zillion possibilities’.

Details on both devices is available at the Future Retro site.

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8 thoughts on “Jered Flickinger Intros The Future Retro Zillion & Swynx

  1. The Zillion looks very interesting, but sort of makes the Triadex Muse look even more like an expensive plaything for dilettantes.

  2. I wish there was some way of producing these at a lower price. $300 is pretty good, sure, and it opens up a lot of compositional windows, but it’s not so tempting when you have major manufacturers offering full sequencers with synths included for $150 or so.

  3. My problem with my Zillion is that it seems to only produce straight eighth notes (well, you can add swing). Can’t seem to get much rhythmic variety out of it… yet, at least.

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