Control Your Synthesizers With Brainwaves


Sound Machines has announced the BI1brainterface, a brainwaves to MIDI/CV interface, designed to let you directly control your synths with your mind.

The product release will be offered in two versions: a Eurorack module and a stand-alone desktop BI1brainterface, for non Euro users. Functions are shared 100% between the two.

Key Features:

  • The interface will transmit to your equipment your EEG reading (8-band power spectrum) plus some high level information, like ‘Attention’ and ‘Meditation’.
  • Both products will have an integrated user interface with a graphic OLED display that allows the user to configure the machine.
  • Smoothing of the signals, trigger threshold, additional algorithms, scaling, midi channel and cc for each output are completely configurable.
  • An RS232 interface is available that outputs the values of the EEG readings.
  • The BI1brainterface is compatible with the Neurosky MindWaveMobile® headset.

The BI1brainterface is currently in development, with a release date planned for September. Pricing is to be announced.

The BI1brainterface will make its debut in a performance the Acusmatiq 9.0 festival in Italy, scheduled for July 25-27.

via Davide Mancini

31 thoughts on “Control Your Synthesizers With Brainwaves

    1. the reality of this is a bit of a let down

      i was never impressed with the technology
      a basic controller with knobs is WAY better if you want to control a value

      i have done this years ago with
      emotive brain interface
      Mind Your OSCs midi software and
      Kilpatrick Audio – K1600 MIDI to CV Converter eurorack

      1. Funny, but I don’t think this module is intended to function like this 😉

        If I understand this correctly this separates 10 constantly evolving waveforms (your brain waves separated into 8 bandwidths and 20 emergent? properties that vary over time too i.e. attention & meditation) that you can ‘amp’ up to cv levels and then use them however you want in any midi or cv enabled system!

        I think this sounds like fun!

  1. People have been experimenting with brainwave synthesis for ages – but this is the first time I’ve seen somebody make a commercial product around it.

    1. Sorry, scientific experiments have proven that slacker brainwaves are not strong enough to do this. You will just have to stick to the old-fashioned way. Sorry.

        1. nope, has nothing to do with this product.
          I’d like to add that I found Collins lab brainwave beats video somewhat impressive actually
          but still, not necessarily a representation of this products capabilities

          now if this could be hooked up to give a shock when producers start loosing attention
          or to dim the lights and slow the tempo when a musician begins to drift from meditation…

  2. Hey I’ve seen the demo of the eurorack module, pretty strange but the concept is working.
    Don’t know if I’ll ever use such a thing though…

  3. I will wait to see a demo and see how this sounds and works?

    For right now I will play with my fingers, and sometimes when sitting in my chair and feeling lazy in my studio and my feet are up and feel really good….. I play with my toes because I don’t want to put my glass of wine down.
    ……at this point in time my brain tells my fingers what to do and if I should or should not play with my toes.
    In the future it looks like I won’t even have to do that, just think and play? A drunkards dream if I ever did see one! ……….Oh the “Band”.

  4. have you guys heard of ‘Brainfingers’? it is a different concept, but related. i’d love to try both systems!

    1. I think that is venturing toward the realm of electroshock therapy. Although I doubt anyone has thought of applying it musically before. Of course, it could turn out like the Sultan’s organ in The Adventures of Baron Munchausen, when he’s playing The Executioner’s Apprentice.

  5. I have enough trouble controlling a synthesizer with fingers… I have NO control over my brainwaves.

  6. The Mindwave headset can generate 8 channels of data, but the default behavior is just attention and meditation. The software that is packaged with software that can display the 8 channels.

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