Synthesizers + The Undead Meet In Zombies 1985


Synthesist Tara Busch let us know about a Kickstarter project she’s involved with, Zombies 1985.

The project is to help fund a short film, set in 1985, about a self-obsessed man who fails to notice the Zombie Apocalypse happening around him. The film will have a live score by Busch and Benge Edwards.

Project backers, at all levels, will receive digital copies of the score, with backers at higher level getting physical copies, signed copies of the script and the opportunity to take part in the film as a zombie extra. 

Composers Tara Busch & Benge Edwards working together in the studio with John Foxx.
Composers Tara Busch & Benge Edwards working together in the studio with John Foxx.

About Zombies 1985

Zombies 1985 is one in a series of short horror and science fiction films, created by I Speak Machine, that are intended to be performed with a live score.

Zombies 1985 tells the story of greed and self obsession in 1980’s Britain. The film will be directed by Maf Lewis and scored by Tara Busch and Benge Edwards.

11 thoughts on “Synthesizers + The Undead Meet In Zombies 1985

  1. “a short film, set in 1985, about a self-obsessed man who fails to notice the Zombie Apocalypse happening around him.”

    Inspired by Shaun of the Dead’s intro?

  2. *YAWN*
    Nothing personal against the creators, but this is so incredibly unoriginal I don’t even know where to start.
    Yeah, that shit’s been played out for over 30 years and REALLY fucking played out for the last 15.
    Political commentary posed as a zombie film?
    That was the basic premise of the first zombie films; nothing new again.
    Set in the 80’s?
    When will this goddamned trend die?
    The 80’s happened and they had some cool shit, big deal.
    Isn’t it time we make something new?

    I hope everyone making a zombie anything ANYTHING from now on first turns into a zombie and then gets hit by a fucking bus.

      1. Actually, I looked at the Kickstarter page – they only want $490 to shoot the movie and have raised about $2K so far. $490 would be the cost of coffee for a day on a “real” movie set.

        This is clearly not going to be foisted on an unsuspecting audience so I retract some (but not all) of my scorn.

        That mea culpa said – ideas cost nothing and they came up with Zombies?

    1. Dear god Daniel, is it possible for anyone to have such a narrow imagination, that the only creative they can visualize within a genre is something they have seen before? Hey, let’s draw a line under any film based on ghosts, time travel, post apocalypse, dystopia, artificial intelligence, and fifty others… because Daniel Miller can’t imagine anything else, let’s all work with Daniel Miller’s imagination.

      What’s going on with the 1980s… it set there because a) the technology of the time makes the story possible. b) the incident that inspired the story happened in the 1980s. c) We had an opportunity to make it because Benge Edwards (who is also working on the score with Tara Busch) has a 1980s car and a house full of 1980s stuff, so it’s a massive opportunity to make period film that would normally costs tens of thousands to dress, on a tiny budget.

      Why Zombies? a) Actually “that shit” has been played out since 1929… things can have existed outside of your personal life time… it’s called history. b) because we think we have an original story within that genre. c) No, political commentary about zombies was not the promise of the first Zombie movies, it was about control of the dead, usually with voodoo.

      Yet again, thanks for the people of synthtopia who donated nearly half our original budget directly from this blog post…

      Daniel, can we see some of your creative work? Please post 😉

    2. Too many Daniel Millers in the synth world.. Time to use the handle Murderdaniel full time again.. I for one after hearing Tara on Sonictalk thought this project sounded fun and worth seeing back here state side.. Maybe at Decibel Fest in Seattle?

  3. Thanks so much to Synthtopia for this post! Looking at the Kickstarter dashboard, $226 has been raised directly from Synthtopia – that’s nearly half of the original shoot budget. Thanks to the individuals who kicked in.

    I will however pick up on some of the comments above:

    Noone says: “Inspired by Shaun of the Dead’s intro?” That’s a really good observation. It’s not, but a few people have brought that up, and I can see why. As apposed to the hapless and lovable Simon Pegg, this happens to a self obsessed wanker who get’s what he deserves – his current deal is more important to him than anyone or anything around him, hence the zombie apocalypse/armageddon as a backdrop.

    foeny518 says: “greed, obsession, walls of modular.” Maybe an odd point to make on a site like this… but to make it clear, neither I, nor Tara Busch own the synths in the picture – Oh how I wish we did! That’s the studio of Benge Edwards, who is not only donating significant time in that studio for free to make the score, but also his house and car as location and props.

    Daniel Miller says:” ***YAWN*** and some other stuff.” Dan, this film is about you. It’s about a truly awful human that sees nothing but himself and his opinion, nothing beyond the tiny bubble he has created for himself – his number one reaction to anything he sees is hate, because hate makes him took big to his colleagues. There’s some dialogue where our main protagonist is spewing an ill founded vitriolic diatribe at his wife “…IT’S NINETEEN FUCKING NINETY FIVE RIGHT NOW!”. It’s uncanny.

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