Patchblocks Modular Synthesizer Let You Snap Together A Modular

Patchblocks has released an official video demo for the Patchblocks Modular Synthesizer – a new system of programmable audio modules that snap together to create larger instruments.

In the video, all soundsare  produced by 4 Patchblocks with the following patches:

The Patchblocks software allows you to program your module the way you want, using a visual programming language. You choose from a variety of low level sound processing elements and combine their functions by connecting them with virtual cables – a bit like a modular synthesizer, but in software. Available modules include various oscillators, filters, delays, and even modules for algorithmic composition.

Here’s a collection of demo sounds for the Patchblocks:

Patchblocks are available now, with blocks priced at £39.00.

7 thoughts on “Patchblocks Modular Synthesizer Let You Snap Together A Modular

  1. Nice project ! More interested about it than littleBits. Can do much more with it. But a bit expensive yet. The same street price in Euro, will be more affordable.

  2. ~ $75 per block – but reprogrammable .
    most “decent” littleBits synth setups are over $400 .
    BUT ……ebay has Dave Smith Instruments Mopho for ~ $300

  3. There’s a little overlap with LittleBits, but this us really a different beast.

    Just one of these modules could be a powerful effects unit, but with LittleBits even a full kit is limited if you want to do real music. But LittleBits is more hands on and probably more educational, also hardware vs software.

  4. There does not seem to be much information on the site. They just look like midi controller knobs that interface with their custom soft synth. That is not to say they are not really slick looking and that I did not instantly want them. I kind of do. Frankly they are so different from littlebits I do not think it is fair to compare them.

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