Patchblocks For Eurorack Now Available For Preorder has announced Patchblocks for Eurorack – a new module that brings the programable modular platform to the Euro format. Here’s what they have to say about it: For the past year we have been working with to produce a Eurorack version of their incredibly successful, innovative and intuitive programmable mini-synth. We have added… Read More Patchblocks For Eurorack Now Available For Preorder

Using Patchblocks With A Modular Synthesizer

This video, via Patchblocks, takes a look at integrating Patchblocks with a Eurorack modular synthesizer. Patchblocks are hardware audio modules, created by Sebastian Heinz, that you can program with your Mac or Windows computer. Patches described in the video are available in the video description on the Patchblocks Youtube post. For more information, see the Patchblocks site.