Pioneer Announces $699 PLX-1000 Direct Drive DJ Turntable & We Get That Strange Feeling Of Déjà Vu


Pioneer has announced the PLX-1000 professional direct drive turntable.


  • User-friendly control layout
  • High-torque direct drive system
  • Designed for optimal sound quality
  • Tempo control with variable width levels
  • Detachable power and audio cables

According to Pioneer, the PLX-1000 “offers a highly familiar, user-friendly control layout”.

Highly familiar. 

So, if you’ve got the strange feeling of déjà vu, it might be because the new Pioneer dj turntable looks like it was separated at birth from Technics’ recently deceased SL-1200 line of turntables:



The new PIoneer PLX-1000 is pure analog, so there’s not a lot of fancy connectors around the back:


Here’s the official intro video:

The Pioneer PLX-1000 has a list price of US $699. You can get full details at the Pioneer site.

17 thoughts on “Pioneer Announces $699 PLX-1000 Direct Drive DJ Turntable & We Get That Strange Feeling Of Déjà Vu

  1. Very 1200. I think the RCA jacks and that computer-style grounded power jack is a better design choice. Better for popping your decks into cases. The Technics turntables had hardwired output cables (with ground connector) and an attached 2-prong power cord, and these always felt like a holdover from the consumer record players of the 70s and 80s.

    I wonder if that speed slider has a center detent. I liked feeling where 33rpm was by that little click.

    1. Yep. Good price too, probably $500 street which is not cheap but not unreachable either. Build quaity looks excellent.

    1. If they’re made as well as the Technics, it’s a good investment. Good gear keeps its value pretty well. I’ve seen old Technics turntables going for more than this!

    2. Pfff..better than CD players for 1000 each (seriously). i’ll miss that infamous square start/stop, but time to move on!

      1. well maybe the Pioneer MK II will have the writing flipped around then so everyoine can read it.

  2. B&H have new-old-stock 1200s and 1210s for absolutely _absurd_ prices now (north of $1899!). Can’t wait til these new ones drop – would like to replace one of my 1210s which has flaked out recently with something new. Certainly from these pics it looks as though Pioneer bought the schematics from Panasonic, can’t see much different, but the truth will be told in how heavy they are!

  3. I’d like to have a couple, if they feel like 1200. I’ve been looking at 1200s on eBay. This price is not too bad, but I’ll wait for a few reviews.

    Pretty sure no one will make a copy of my old straight-arm Technics SL B500 multi-stacker. 🙂

  4. It’s just another Hanpin Super OEM Turntable . These are made at the same factory as the the reloop 8000 , Stanton’s and Audio Technicas , just stamped with Pioneer . I’m not bashing(love old Pioneer headphones), they look nice and subtle . Pretty sure they will profit off the void left by Technics, simply by the fact they look identical and that production is outsourced . Pioneer has an formula for everything I guess

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