Should Moog Make A Werkstatt Eurorack Module?


When Moog released the Werkstatt 01 synth kit, a lot of people suggested that they should make a Eurorack version.

Ninstrument’s Chris Blarsky went further – taking the highly hackable synth kit and modding it into the Moog Werkstatt WST-E1 Eurorack module. Here’s what he has to say about the project:

Well you knew someone was going to do it. I guess that would be me.

Really wanted Moog in my eurorack for a while. When I saw the Werkstatt, I knew it was my chance.

Made several changes to the Werkstatt. Changed out the single turn VCO pot for a ten turn pot. Added a +/- octave button. Since removing the keyboard the Envelope had no trigger source, so I added two inputs for that. Hand carved rosewood switch caps, because when I think of Moog, I think of black and wood.

The VCO’s sound great, but the filter is the reason I did this. I am now a happy Moog filter tweaker:)

Here’s a demo of the Moog Werkstatt Eurorack module in action:

Details on the Werkstatt-01 synth kit are available at the Moog site. The Euro version, though, is Ninstrument’s custom DIY mod.

Check it out and let us know what you think of the Moog Werkstatt 01 as a Euro module! Do you think that Moog should follow Ninstrument’s example?

24 thoughts on “Should Moog Make A Werkstatt Eurorack Module?

  1. Well sure.

    The more stuff you can fit on a rack, the better. There’s a reason why modulars are coming back!

  2. Rack gear is where its at , for all the softsynth people I am selling soft synth rack bolts for 15. euros for four , roll up roll up.

      1. They do come with washers.We do distress virtual washers, and pretty much any kind of virtual washer.We do virtual felt backed washers, (but you will pay 25 euros for those .)
        Contact for details.

  3. Why does Moog need to make a Eurorack version when they intentional made this synth to be a kit in the first place? If you really want a Eurorack verison, just mod it to be compatible to Eurorack equipment.

  4. This is why the kit is cool – it makes it easy to try this sort of thing out.

    I’d really like to see a Minotaur in Euro and 5U. They could charge about $500, and it would be priced comparably to other all in one voice modules.

  5. I just wanted to ad, Moog should have been making EuroRack modules a long time ago, EuroRack rocks, its a perfect fit the a company like Moog, hell Moog should bring redesign the whole EuroRack concept and make it Moog Rack format. OR Make it so all those Euro Rack modules can be controlled by a modular brain. Hmm Moog IntellaRack. Love music, love making it, love the possibilities.

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