Audulus 2.8 Update Delivers Faster Graphics, Improved Usability & More Custom Node Action

Developer Taylor Holliday has released an update to Audulus, his software modular synthesizer for iOS and OS X.

Audulus 2.8 upgrades include:

  • Improved graphics rendering. Sharper, faster, and consumes less memory.
  • New Create menu for creating nodes and inserting patches. With integrated documentation.
  • Now shows the patch name in the toolbar.
  • Updated Custom Nodes so the exposed UI now can be edited right on the patch node.
  • Improved labeling of inputs and outputs.
  • Updated Audiobus.
  • Improved on-screen keyboard.
  • Documentation improvements.
  • Bug fixes.

Check out the video overview for details or see the Audulus site.

9 thoughts on “Audulus 2.8 Update Delivers Faster Graphics, Improved Usability & More Custom Node Action

  1. Taylor is a MACHINE, cranking out great updates all the time.

    Why aren’t more developers doing this? Most music apps haven’t had major updates since they were released!

  2. Taylor is genuinely interested in making a difference, making an instrument for our time and he wants to make it as good as possible. Some are driven others aren’t.

  3. Taylor – any update on the modular experimenting you’ve been doing? It looks like you’ve got some interesting ideas there.

    FWIW – I like the idea of simplified connectivity, but also like the idea of Modulus running on a hardware module that you could download patches to.

      1. I think Jackson is referring to something more like the patchblocks, but with more io and +-5v range. But if someone would come along with a eurorack USB audio interface with a bunch of dc coupled io that’d do nicely as well.

        1. Yep – Taylor was talking a while back about making it so you could download software Audulus patches to the hardware OWL pedal.

          Having something like that right in your modular would be even cooler – a sort of ‘anything module’.

          Based on his response below, though, it sounds like there should be some interesting stuff coming in 2.9!

    1. Hi Jackson,

      I wrote you a reply earlier but perhaps I forgot to click Post :-\. Downloading an Audulus patch onto a hardware module would be really cool, but initially I’m going to focus on connectivity because its much easier to implement. So far, I’ve learned a bit about what makes hardware modulars compelling, which will inform future Audulus development: deep modules, normalized units (1v/oct), etc. I can’t say for sure, but there might be some interesting development on that front in Audulus 2.9 🙂

      – Taylor

      1. Taylor

        Thanks for the reply and also for making such a cool app!. Other developers should learn from your frequent updates and good communication with users. I’ll be watching for the next update!

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