iMPC Pro 1.1 Offers Bug Fixes, New Features

Retronyms and Akai have submitted an update for iMPC Pro to Apple. iMPC Pro version 1.1 includes several bug and performance fixes, plus adds a sound delete option.

This video offers a sneak preview of the changes in the new version. 

Here’s what’s new in iMPC Pro V 1.1:

  • Trim endpoint saves and loads properly.
  • Velocity for iMPC Element fixed.
  • Added sound delete (drag to trash).
  • Crash on set global for FX return and Master Fader fixed.
  • Can now open and close precision mode controls while popover is active.
  • Performance improvements on save and load sessions and sample edits.
  • FX returns were moving some fader controls. This is fixed.
  • iMPC Pro now registers as a InterApp Audio Instrument.  Should sync better with Cubasis and other hosts.
  • You can now drag pads across banks using multitouch.  (eg: begin dragging pad, select bank b, drop pad)
  • Various other small fixes and performance improvements.

No word yet on whether or not Akai & Retronyms plan to add the most commonly requested feature – full MIDI support – but they do say more updates are coming soon.

iMPC Pro is available for US $12.99 in the App Store.

40 thoughts on “iMPC Pro 1.1 Offers Bug Fixes, New Features

      1. Videos are no substitute for manuals. With a well written manual, it can take just a few seconds to find out how to access a certain feature, or learn how something is supposed to function. With a video, you have to sit there for minutes in hopes what you are looking for will be explained.

        1. Good points – just making sure that you hadn’t missed the video series!

          So MIDI first, then a PDF manual?

        2. Theres a manual inside the app. Look for the yellow “?” icon that says “____ Help” in the drop down menu. The “____” will change depending on what section of the app you are on. “Main Help”, “Params Help”, etc…

    1. Dan – thanks for the link, but people are looking for iMPC Pro to include full MIDI In/Out support. That comes with the ‘pro’ territory.

      1. PRO apparently relates only to the pricetag nowadays.

        “midi? never heard of it. we have a dancing duck though.”

        1. i can’t believe anybody would be put off by a $12.99 price tag, certainly not anyone that considers themself a ‘pro’.

          The lack of MIDI, though, is a deal-breaker for a lot of people.

          1. not sure you understood me.
            PRO suffix is used by companies to ask for more money not give more features.
            no way in hell will i ever get an ios app without the midi, audiobus and features that should be standard at this point.
            i am pretty much over ios and nickel and diming with app makers and not falling for these half baked apps anymore.
            retronyms are all about the attractive gui and getting that hobbyst money.
            not dealing with that.

            1. So if the app don’t have what u need, u don’t have to buy it. But a lot of people have and are enjoying it, putting out cool tunes on the dedicated soundcloud for the app.

              Seems a hell of a lot of people don’t need audiobus or midi to put certain apps to good use:)

  1. i hope usb audio interfaces will be supported better… current functionality is flaky at best. very “pro”.
    i don’t see it in the list unfortunately

  2. Waiting for midi out, no other iPad app has a sequencer with midi out using the MPC method of song creation.

  3. Hi,
    I noticed that it´s the only music App I have that doesn’t work with my soundcard. I have an old M-AUDIO Fast Track Pro, shure, but it’s working perfectly as long as it´s plugged on a powered USB hub.
    Each time I launch it iMPC PRO, the sound goes out of the iPad internal speakers, very weird, because this is the only app (… I know) that is not working with my soundcard, wether I launch it alone or inside Audiobus, BUT, when I launch it as an IIA (inside Audioshare or BeatMaker2), iit works fine!
    The previous version worked fine also, so…. not a big deal but I’d like to know the reason…

  4. finally, some news about the iMPC! an update, wow! 1.1! with bug fixes! and stuff! so happy! can’t wait for 1.2! please post immediately! with a preannouncement, too!

  5. I’ve given this a good test run now, but can’t understand why I should use it over beatmaker 2. BM2 seems to do everything this does, is a bit more stable (in my experience), plus also records audio tracks (so you can add vocals / guitar to your beats, even as just a songwriting tool rather than finished product). Appreciate any contrary opinions – does anyone think this does something better than BM2?

    1. I kind of hate the interface of BM2, it seems clunky to me. Also the timeline note editor on BM2 is really unusable. Everything about impc pro’s layout is better for me, plus it can do sequences, which Unless I am overlooking it, Bm2 cannot, only having a linear timeline.
      If Impc pro could work will all audio interfaces (or even most!) and had proper midi spec, and didn’t crash when used with certain midi controllers, it would be great. They will probably implement one or two of those things over the next six months, but not all, so its just a lot of wasted potential right now.

    2. the sound packs and fx are generally better than what is provided with BM2… Chorus/flanger sounds particularly bad in BM2, reverb is meh at best.

      Other than that, yeah BM2 is definitely underated: audiobus, nice time-stretch, decent midi (sync, transport control, but no aftetouch record), UNIVERSAL (it’s actually usable on iPhone!).

      I really like the instantiated tracks, I didn’t found that in Cubasis so I mostly use BM2 for all my midi sequencing and recording.

      It’s better than iMPC, they just do less publicity and hype.

      no contrary opinion, sorry.

      1. Agree, BM2 HIGHLY underrated but still, iMPC pro is a good one for those just wanting that kind of workflow

        Under BM2 hood is a lot of goodness. Not just the chop lab, but multi layering of samples in the keyboards is pretty interesting stuff. Add automated filtersweeps and some lfo and u got some nice preset crafting:)

    3. Beatmaker’s interface looks like it was designed for Windows 3.1 – old school and not in a good way. If you can get beyond that an learn it, BM2 is a great app. But the UI is bad – they need to get a graphic artist on the team!

      1. Stop the madness. Surprisingly there are a few audio apps for Win 3.1 that will give a few iOS apps a run for their money.

      2. Jesse, u must be thinking of sunvox or those corny apps by Jordan rudess or the clunkysecret base design. BM2 has razor sharp retina graphics and everything is intuitive .

        A lot of work went into the design and once you understand the app, the workflow is very enjoyable.

        Forgive me if I’m wrong and you are mistaking BM2 for caustic cause that is also an ugly as hell app, shame as its got a lot of nice stuff.

  6. Why no edit button to select multiple files to be deleted? Why no swipe to delete? This drag and drop method is so slow and cumbersome. Do they intentionally make tasks that are supposed to be painless and easy hard for a reason? Damn retronym get with the program.

    1. I think you’ll find the drop to delete is faster – especially since it lets you delete sounds from both the table and from Pads.

  7. Without wishing to go too far down the “I told you so” path… I am so glad I didn’t give them my money!

    As always, willing to forgive, forget and move on… but for that to happen, we really do have to move on and get this app up to the pro status it claims to deserve!

    Shrugs, shoulda, coulda, woulda, been the app to be first past the finishing post of a functionally complete and beautifully designed MPC style app; but hey – that opportunity is still open for everyone!

    I wonder who will do it first?

  8. What I’d like to see in the next update is the ability to fine tune the sample pitch (not just the 127 steps). (As well as MIDI and kit overwrite save.)

    1. nhaaa you mean you can’t yet overwrite a program ?
      It’s a workflow breaker for me …every time you modify a program then it’s saved with another name and you have to change it in every sequence the older was set…it’s crazy

      1. Exactly! When you modify an existing Program (change some sounds on the pads), you get a * next to its name. If you try to save it and type the same name, it doesn’t ask you to overwrite but appends “Copy” next to the saved program. Unless I’ve overlooked something.

  9. Started working on a song. Crash. Reopen and the save state wasn’t actually the last time I’d saved (which I do about every three and a half seconds with this app.) Got myself back to the point at which it had crashed earlier…Crash. Opened back up and inter app audio lost its mind and…Crash! I loved this app until I actually had time to sit down and try to work on a whole track with it. This one is going to be sitting on the virtual bookshelf until version 2.0 or so. Unbelievable.

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