Expert Sleepers Disting 16-in-1 Eurorack Module Video Demo

This video, via mylarmelodies, takes a look at the newly released Expert Sleepers Disting Eurorack module.

The Expert Sleepers Disting is a 4HP 16-in-1 multifunction Eurorack module. The video demo goes is nearly 40 minutes long, and dives deep into the Disting’s features. 

Video contents:

2:08 Panel Overview
3:05 Precision Adder
5:58 Four Quadrant Multiplier
7:02 Full Wave Rectifier
8:29 Maximum/Minimum Mode
11:07 Linear/Exponential Converter
12:30 Pitch Quantiser
16:17 Comparator
17:48 Dual Waveshaper
20:45 Sample and Hold
21:58 Slew Rate Limiter
22:43 Pitch and Envelope Tracker
24:45 Clockable Delay/Echo
28:12 LFO
30:01 Clockable LFO
33:24 VCO with Linear FM
34:43 VCO with Waveshaping

The Expert Sleepers Disting is available now, priced at US $175. See the ES site for details.

If you’ve used the Disting, leave a comment and let us know what you think of it!

6 thoughts on “Expert Sleepers Disting 16-in-1 Eurorack Module Video Demo

  1. So awesome – one of the best modules I have ever seen. However, the entire video should be redone with a Jamaican narrator explaining why Dis Ting be so superior to all other modules.

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