Das Lauflicht – Core MIDI Step Sequencer ‘For Serious Musicians’

das-lauflichtCodelle has introduced Das Lauflicht, a Core MIDI step sequencer that they say is ‘for serious musicians’.

Here’s what they have to say about Das Lauflicht:

Create fantastic basslines, drum beats or chord stabs and send them to your favourite synth app, or to an external device. Using the 70+ built-in scales you can create very exotic melodies.


  • Provides over 70 different musical scales in all 12 keys spanning 8 octaves.
  • Can run as a MIDI master clock source or synchronize to an external clock.
  • Supports 16 patterns per scene and an infinite number of scenes.
  • Adjustable pattern length.
  • Fast and intuitive user interface that won’t get in your way.
  • Configurable tempo and note length, including support for triplets
  • Send notes to multiple devices simultaneously.
  • Composing tools such as randomize and retrograde.
  • Support for Virtual MIDI and external devices.
  • Engineered for very accurate timing.

Note: While it’s intended ‘for serious musicians’, MIDI In control, AudioBus and the developer website appear to be missing in action at this time.

Das Lauflicht is available now for US $3.99.

16 thoughts on “Das Lauflicht – Core MIDI Step Sequencer ‘For Serious Musicians’

  1. I hear from readers it also lacks Background support. You can’t flip to synth apps and have it continue to work.

    I tried contacting the dev last week, asking about the visual similarity with Koushion. I haven’t heard back.

  2. I had no luck getting it to sync with the DM-1, but other than that, I think it is very cool.

    No velocity controls (or even accents), and I wouldn’t expect them, because it looks like it is trying to stay unbloated and simple. That it is. But yea, it needs to run in the back ground. Hopefully they’ll fix that.

    1. But Synergy is the most powerful. By faaar!


      What’s the deal with having to dig transposition options from menus in every sequencer?
      Y not just use a keyboard!?!?

  3. There’s an alternative under development by Tony Saunders – the author of the excellent MIDISequencer – at the moment that will also bear serious consideration. Can’t paste the URL here but check out his FB page: MIDISequencer. I think that may well promise to be more comprehensive and I’m sure Tony would value input for features that you would like to see incorporated.

  4. The person who comes up with a midi only sequencer along the lines of the early versions of cubase , will do very well.
    A simple rock solid midi sequencer , with grid edit, piano roll. Bloat ware is a serious turn off and all the endless irrelevant irritations on software is a serious turn off.
    I am continuing to look for a decent midi only sequencer!

  5. Looks like a scam to me! Don’t buy!

    NanoStudio 2 coming soonish… if this is everything NS is and more with full IO then the race to iOS dominance in midi music will be over!

    The UI on NS is beautiful and a pleasure to use, it is a darn shame the components aren’t available as separate apps or have full IO, but it is still the best UI for music and midi editing on iOS by miles and has one of the best synths – Eden is awesome! It’s also on sale – and highly recommended – just don’t expect any IO!

    There are a few possible other contenders:

    Auria pulls something out of the bag re. midi – although I am starting to wonder if the dev has reached his limits and can’t actually do this because it has been a very long time coming. But even then, the app still needs some UI love.

    Retronyms sort iMPC Pro with midi – which lets face it, we knew right from the offset they wouldn’t – despite their proclamations otherwise – I seriously doubt it will ever mature. But they will claim to have done it and be nice about handling all the complaints.

    BeatMaker needs a massive UI overhaul!

    Cubasis develops the mdii editor into something that’s actually usable – because it isn’t at the moment, which is a real shame because otherwise it is a great app, especially for recording audio and midi simultaneously!

    Genome is hideous!

    MIDISequencer is great but again could do with use some UI love – actually that’s a bit unfair, it does work great, it’s just a bit garish for me.

    Thesys needs a UI overhaul – tiny, tiny controls and zoom???!!!!

  6. Thanks for the nice comments re: Koushion so far. I just sent a note to Apple about this app. I have no problem at all with people coming up with competing apps with a different feature set, UI, etc. (and I said as much in my comments to Apple), but the visual styling rip is ridiculous/hilarious (yes, I have an odd sense of humor) 🙂 I don’t think they got the font quite right, (I embedded a custom one), and background-only MIDI is a bit of a trick (Koushion finally has this now btw)…

    Anyways, it’s good to see that Koushion is decently well-recognized, at least among the synthtopia crowd. On that note, if any of you have any suggestions for Koushion, feel free to email me directly at [email protected]. The next big update is going to be CC sequencing, as I’ve received a LOT of requests for that.

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