Electro-Music Festival Coming To NY

electro-music_Festival_pyxl8rThe electro-music festival, sometimes called the “Woodstock of electronic music,” is the world’s premiere event for experimental electronic music. Now in its tenth year, the gathering this year features three “mind-bending” days of innovative electronic music concerts, seminars, workshops, demonstrations, jam sessions, video art, a laptop battle, and a swap-meet. The festival will run from Friday, September 5, through September 7.

A wide variety of instruments and musical styles will be represented, ranging from theremin to analog modular synthesizers to home made devices, from classic space music and ambient to abstract electronica, glitch, electro-pop and beat-oriented music.

electro-music_festival_FiniteScheduled performers / performances include:

Acoustic Interloper
AI Winter
Neil Nail Alexander
Atman’s Unreal
Robert Dorschel
Dorschel + Alexander
Finite Element
Fringe Element
Chris Korda
Lux Seeker
Mark Mosher
onewayness + dRachEmUsiK
Project Ruori
Space Gun Bunny
State Machine
Stochastic Whimsy
Michael Victor
Woodswalker + Kennicutt
xeroid entity
and many others;

and visual artists Azimuth Visuals, VJ Hylantown, Michael O’Bannon, Project Ruori, Woodswalker, Chris Korda, and Dreamdaze will also take part in the festival.

There will be collaborations, demonstrations and seminars:
Ableton Push – AaronTodd
Make Noise Shared System – Adam Holquist
Zero Input Mixer workshop – Bill Manganaro
ChordEase – Chris Korda
Haken Continuum – John Morley
Generative Music – Todd Campbell
Improvisation workshop – Charles Shriner
Reclaim your Creative Brain workshop – Tanya Thielke
OP-1 demonstration – Jez Creek
Lemur performance demo – Ron Slabe
Audio Engineering 101 – Howard Mangrum
Circuit Bending workshop – Tim Lofgren
Ever Evolving Pipe Dream Machine – Chris Wikman

The details. electro-music 2014 takes place at the Greenkill Retreat Center in Huguenot, New York. Tickets range from $40 for a single day to $339 for a 3-day pass including meals and lodging. More information, including a complete schedule of events can be found on the electro-music web site.

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