75 Presets For Sunrizer Synthesizer

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Alba Ecstasy has released Steam, a collection of 75 presets for Sunrizer synthesizer for iOS.

The patch library offers 75 new sounds for Sunrizer synthesizer for iPad & iPhone that are 100% royalty free.

Here’s a demo video, which features 25 sounds from the patch library:

Steam is available now for € 3.45 via the AE site.

3 thoughts on “75 Presets For Sunrizer Synthesizer

  1. As someone said,

    ‘All of AE patch sets are very good. His website offers free sample patches for Sunrizer, Thor, Nave, Animoog, etc. as well as patches for hardware synths. Or you can get his Special Pack: “204 new and original presets for Animoog, Magellan, Nave, Sunrizer, Thor and Wavegenerator for iPad /iPhone synthesizer. “.
    A very talented sound designer, a fine musician, and a “good man”.

    (OK…I confess that I am the one who said that on Dischord.com but its worth repeating!)

    He also has another new set of
    64 new and original presets for WALDORF NAVE iPad synthesizer (€ 3.99/$5.34)

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