Waveform Prints Turn Dance Music Into Wall Art


Alex Szabo-Haslam’s Waveform project is a new series of silkscreen-printed A2 posters, visualizing classic dance music from 1977-2001.

The series is based on songs by New Order, Orbital, The Prodigy, Human League, Donna Summer, Phuture, Chemical Brothers, Daft Punk and others. 

Here’s the official project video:

The posters are available via the project’s Kickstarter site, priced at £30 per poster.


9 thoughts on “Waveform Prints Turn Dance Music Into Wall Art

  1. I’m sorry, but Leftfield should be black and Aphex Twin should be yellow. And Orbital is more bright and primary, not pastel. At least, that’s what my synaesthesia tells me. YMMV.

  2. If this something like this can be passed off as “art” or even remotely original then I would rather have a photo of my own excrement on my wall

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