AIR Music Tech Releases ‘The Riser’ Plug-in

Virtual instrument maker AIR Music Technology has introduced The Riser, a new synthesizer for “creating powerful transitions.” Created with electronic dance music producers and DJs in mind, The Riser “infuses tracks with progression and hype.”

Central to The Riser are three editable sound generators – sweep, noise, and chord – which allow the user to manipulate the movement, timbre, and tonality of the transition. Three low-­frequency oscillators (LFOs) provide modulation duties for each patch, including beat­-synced movements and what AIR are calling the “Pumper” effect to modify dynamics. Reverb, delay, and mixer controls allow the user to shape transition volume, effect saturation, and stereo imaging.

AIR_Music_Tech_TheRiserThe Riser highlights:

  • Transition designer optimized for electronic music production
  • 3 editable oscillators; sweep, noise, and chord
  • 3 LFOs; free-­running, tempo­-synced, and “Pumper”
  • “Pumper” effect creates pulsating movement based on native DAW tempo
  • Configurable delay and reverb with wet/dry processing
  • Adjustable panning movements and master stereo width control
  • AU, VST, AAX; 32­ and 64­bit; Mac or Windows

Pricing and Availability. The Riser will be available for purchase next Monday, September 1, 2014, with a price of $79.99 USD. A full, 15-­day trial version of The Riser will be available as a free download for a limited period of 48 hours, starting August 25th at 12:00 p.m., Eastern (US) Time. For more information, visit Air Music Technology.


17 thoughts on “AIR Music Tech Releases ‘The Riser’ Plug-in

  1. Wait what? Why do you need a special plugin for this? Any VST with a noise generator, envelopes and a tempo synced LFO can do this.

    1. A plug like this has been a long time coming. This speeds up the process of designing an effect and exploring new ideas instantly but not sacrificing quality (especially if there is any hybrid 3 DNA inside). well done.

      1. downloaded. easy to use. your keys do not affect pitch in some patches really, but rise/fall time. wish there was an RTA in it.

        1. Funny thing – people who will use this plug in will probably be making more money on one track in a month than I have with 33 albums and 25 years. 🙂

        2. If you don’t know why specialized synths are useful, you’re either not that knowledgeable about synths or not that interested in using your time efficiently….

          For people that do dance music, having synths with capabilities that are tailored to the genre can really speed up the process of making patches, or in this case, creating interesting transitions.

      2. “This speeds up the process of designing an effect and exploring new ideas instantly”

        It’s not like these sort of effects take absolute synth mastery to create anyway… There’s a bazillion and one tutorials on the web about how to create noise sweeps, pitched risers, bubble risers, etc. in any synth you can imagine, and none of them are more than about 5 minutes long – and that’s with the intro music and presenter intro taking up the first 2.5 minutes….

        “…but not sacrificing quality…”

        Tell me again how much warmer your white noise sounds than mine..?

    2. I mostly agree. The Riser, though, can infuse your tracks with “hype”. I own a lot of synths – and while a few classics have a “brilliance” setting – none have a “hype” slider or switch.

  2. Well, people make synths just for the ‘wobble’ sound…. Plug ins to glitch loops when this. Ab be easily done in a freeware wave editor…not everyone has the time, know how or ability to achieve this type of effect- it’s good there is a free demo, you can see if it is any use to you (air make some pretty good stuff)

      1. As a ProTools user I have to disagree. Sure, its one floor above Avid’s older plug-ins… but thats not saying much. Vacuum is a poor excuse of a synth, DB-33 is decent, their reverbs are mostly shit, piano- shit, I would rather drop dead than use their chorus or flanger plug-ins. Filter? omg… it blows my mind really

  3. I use Polygon for making unique, awesome sounding risers. Couple that with VolumeShaper and it’s on bitches.

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    I bought The Riser on September 6, 2015 via Plugin Boutique > despite meeting all tech specs and following all installation instructions it wouldn’t install due to ‘unspecified error’ > Plugin
    Boutique tech support has failed to resolve the issue and redirected me to some ‘distributor’? Simon Bangs of some INMUSIC BRANDS? who after a period of silence asked me to repeat the same steps as I went through with Plugin Boutique tech support which of course failed again > and then he just disappeared.

    Plugin Boutique refused to give me my money back. You do the math.

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