Novation Launch Control XL Now Available

Novation has announced that its Launch Control XL mixer and device controller for Ableton Live is now shipping.

Designed for use with the 64-button Launchpad S grid, Launch Control XL offers an enhanced Live control experience.
Novation_Launch_Control_XLNovation Launch Control XL Features:

  • Total integration with Ableton Live’s mixer and devices
  • 24 “high-quality” knobs with multicolor indicators
  • Combines with Launchpad S
  • Eight faders for “precision” level adjustment
  • Fully customizable with the included software editor
  • Bus powered; no drivers needed
  • 16 multicolored buttons for immediate Track Focus and key mixer controlsBundled with Ableton Live Lite software and Loopmasters sample collection
Pricing and Availability. Novation’s Launch Control XL is now shipping and retails for the “street” price of $199 US. Additional information and links to online retailers at the Novation website.

10 thoughts on “Novation Launch Control XL Now Available

  1. Ill have to say no on this one. I feel like something cooler will come out and ill be ” why did i take that 2 usage toy”

  2. Them haters, them haters.
    I think this is a brilliant fader controller, and if you look at the market surrounding it you’ll see that it’s pretty unique right now.

    Closest comparison is of course the venerable UC-33, which was great for its layout, but horrible in its build. Compared to that, this looks like a tank!

    I’m very into controllers, but have been laying low in recent years because nothing I needed came out. This flips the script for me.

  3. This and the LaunchPad S seem like the ‘major label’ mass market version of what FaderFox was doing a few years ago. They two controllers are pretty affordable, and should be pretty solid, based on my experience with the original LaunchPad. May have to upgrade!

  4. I’ve been wanting something like this for a while. There is a new controller from livid and dubspot coming out called the DS1 that does similar. I’m thinking I may wait for that. I wish that both of these had motorized faders but that would have raised the price a bit. Anyway for those of you interested in this you may want to also check out the DS1 before making a decision on it. Check the link. I put it below. Or go to the livid site.

  5. The DS1 looks really nice. But 400 USD for the general consumer…. I’d rather buy launchpad s and a launch control XL and still have left for an expression pedal that I can plug to my Remote 25 SL MKI I`ve had for 9 years, with no complaints, and that still is awesome! Not so many blinking lights and no touch activated rotary encoders, but I can’t think of me getting rid of it. Novation has proven to me again and again that their products are worth every cent you pay. As for livid, although I never owned any of their products, it has been mainly because they are more expensive, and I hear and see a lot more of complaining in forums and else where than with any novation product. All novation products, durable and reliable.

    1. Thanks for the info Nan. It is a significant price increase and that’s definitely been a source of debate for me. I’m not sure how the xl will handle cases where you have more than 2 effects sends (I usually have 4 or 5). It also does have more encoders than the xl though and a sturdier case. It also is going to have mappings for traktor. It seems like it’s going to be a good product. That being said I’m on the fence about it. I’ve had a launchpad original for many years now and novation support has always been quick to respond to any questions I have. I’ll probably wait for some reviews on both before I make a call on it.

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