Moog Updates Animoog for iPhone With Audiobus 2 & More

animoog-iphoneMoog Music has released an update to Animoog For iPhone, adding iOS 7 compatibility, Audiobus 2 support and more.

Here’s what’s new in the latest version of Animoog for iPhone:

  • Full iOS 7 compatibility
  • Support for iPhone 5 and all prior screen sizes
  • Inter-App Audio Support
  • Audiobus 2 Support
  • AudioCopy 2 Support

Animoog for iPhone is available in the App Store for US $2.99.

19 thoughts on “Moog Updates Animoog for iPhone With Audiobus 2 & More

    1. Works fine for me (4S). And access to all the IAP is a pretty nice surprise. I wonder if one can iFunBox it over the the iPad…

    1. Are you still running iOS6 by any chance?
      Also, i think you’ll find that Audiobus won’t work properly;
      This is taken from the Audiobus forum:
      Sebastian 1:52AM +1 -1
      @Peanutcram said:

      Has anyone tried installing the iPhone version to the iPad?

      Yep. Don’t do it. It also replaces Animooog’s entry in the input slot so that doesn’t work anymore either. Do not install until they’ve fixed it.

      I reckon if anybody knows, it would be one of the two people who made Audiobus. IAA may sort of work with one or two apps, but point blank – it’s busted.

  1. Interapp audio does not work properly with this update either (as well audiobus not working at all). Was the update tested before release?

  2. They would have done better by updating it with the 4 track thingy

    This update is a fiasco lol

    Best stick with iPad version!

  3. Purchases state doesn’t share between iPad Air and iPhone… Do I have to buy things again… I once already had to buy a pack twice because of a glitch of Animoog store which Moog told me it was Apple’s problem and they couldn’t do anything (for paying twice).

      1. I know this question doesn’t belong here but I couldn’t find right answer from google so let me ask anyways…

        I downloaded iFuncBox free but local/document or local/application folder is empty (iPhone4s, 7.1.2) I thought it’s limited to pro version but then there’s iFunbox ($1) and iFuncBox pro ($3). Thought $1 one is somebody taking advantage of the name? Anyways what’s the difference between the pro and the free..

  4. Turns out the Animoog for iPhone update does not included audio bus compatability after all. Why was it reported to? a lot of people have wasted their money because of the false claims…

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