Aphex Twin Syro Listening Parties Announced

APHEX TWINWarp Records has announced that it will be hosting ‘listening parties’ for the new Aphex Twin album, Syro:

Between September 5th and 10th, listening events for Aphex Twin’s upcoming album ‘Syro’ will be held in cities in UK, France, USA, Canada, Belgium and Netherlands.

Beginning next Friday, over the course of several days there will be one off events internationally where fans will be able to hear Aphex Twin’s first new record in 13 years in its entirety.

Ticket lottery begins on Sunday, August 31 at 4AM PST / 7AM EST / 12PM GMT / 1PM CET and closes Tuesday, September 2 at midnight in each time zone.

Here’s the event schedule:


  • 05 – London, UK
  • 05 – Paris, FR
  • 06 – New York City, US
  • 06 – Los Angeles, US
  • 07 – Chicago, US
  • 07 – Toronto, CA
  • 08 – Brussels, BE
  • 10 – Utrecht, NL

A lottery for tickets will open this Sunday. See the Warp site for details.

Aphex Twin’s Syro is available for preorder via iTunes and Amazon.

21 thoughts on “Aphex Twin Syro Listening Parties Announced

  1. I’ve always wondered what you actually do at an Aphex Twin listening party. I imagine lots of people with no rhythm having a harder time than usual moving to a nonexistent beat. This causes me to continue holding onto the dim hope that the blimp was, in reality, the actual album 🙂

  2. Yeah because there’s a total of three AphexTwin fans in the whole of Australasia and Oceania region so no listening love inn for sraya. Boo!

  3. RDJ is a legend, for sure. I’ve been a fan since forever ago. But the truth is, a lot of his music is down right unlistenable (unless you’re in the mood for ear piercing feedback), and some of it I suspect is RDJ experimenting with how far he can take fans down a road to nowhere, and still have them eagerly follow his every move.

    I listened to Syro on Soundcloud. I was okay, but if I never heard it again, I wouldn’t care. It was that unremarkable to me. Maybe I’m just getting old.

    1. if thats your stand on aphex twin . i don’t really think you have listened to too much if your saying most of it is unlistenable.

  4. Thus Warp records degenerate into a label that caters for dirty old men in anoraks or sad people who are too socially paranoid that they cannot attend proper dance music events!

  5. I love his music but thats the kind of event Id avoid, unless there was free booze, is there free booze? also he was born in Ireland, why no Irish gig(with free booze)?

  6. “His (Skrillex) sound had a huge impact on me during the production of SYRO. Inbetween tracks, I would just sit down and listen to bangarang. That track really blew me away like nothing else has in a while. So a bit of that type of hard dubst vibe has leaked into SYRO.”
    Aphex Twin, from Pitchfork’s interview.

  7. So there we have it. A twat influenced by another twat.

    How anyone in their right mind say that Skrillex dubstep is hard is beyond me.

    Told u this RDJ guy is nuts, he cannot even coin genres right lol

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