Open Mic: Who Do You Want To Do A Euro Module Next?

dave-smith-instruments-dsm01-curtis-filter-eurorack-moduleDave Smith surprised a lot of people earlier this year whenΒ his company introduced the DSM01 Curtis Filter module for Eurorack synths.

It’s their first Euro synth module, and it lets modular synth owners incorporate one of the key elements of the classic Dave Smith/Sequential Circuits sound into their systems.

In a sense, Smith has thrown down the gauntlet, challenging other established synth makers to jump into the Euro arena. If Dave Smith Instruments can do it, why not Roland, Korg, Moog – or any other number of established gear companies.

Would you like to see a Roland supersaw oscillator in Euro format? Or how about a Euro Moog filter? Maybe a Korg Kaoss effects module?

Or something else completely…..

Let us know what you think! Who do you want to do a Euro module next – and what type of module should it be?

52 thoughts on “Open Mic: Who Do You Want To Do A Euro Module Next?

      1. I’ve never had much trouble with Behringer gear. It’s cheap, they’ve been happy to fix any problems, and it usually seems to work pretty well. It’s affordable music gear, sold for a fraction of the price of anything else. Not everyone can afford to pay top dollar for everything.
        I wish they’d actually produce some synths, though, let alone eurorack.

    1. I always loved those eight stage envelopes. What about a CZ style envelope generator?

      1 trigger, but multiple 8-stage envelopes out.

      1. That’s actually brilliant. I had a CZ 5000 when they were new. A really warm, digital synth. Very good idea that would put Casio back into the pro market. How odd would that be?

      2. theres actually a doepfer module that allows that, It has multiple envelope generators that can be used individually or chained together for a more complex envelope!

      3. The only thing I didn’t like about my CZ-1 was that the output was a little noisy and the chorus was sort of crap.

        Once you use 8-stage envelopes, though, typical ADSR EG’s seem pretty limiting.

  1. I’d be into something interesting from Elektron. I have no idea what though because I like being surprised by them. I’d be really let down if they just released an oscillator or a filter and audio damage appears to be releasing their sequencer pretty much. Based off the functionality of my A4 though, I could really see them doing something interesting with Eurorack in general, but I still have no idea what. I’m somewhat more interested in seeing synth giants tackle strange utility modules more than filters and oscillators though.

    1. That Audio Damage sequencer looks very interesting, but my guess is that it’s going to be very pricey. They’ve got a poor track record for updating their software, too, so I’d want to make sure they’ve got the sequencer software down solid before getting their sequencer.

  2. Native Instruments. I’d love to have a eurorack module that I can dump a reaktor ensemble into. Maybe with 4 DC coupled ins and outs, dedicated gate/sync io and 6-8 assignable knobs.

    Or maybe the lads at CDM/Reflex could do one that hosts PD patches.

    Either case would be like a dream come true.

  3. I’d be less interested in modules that recreate the past and would rather see something new.

    How about a single Anomoog voice in a Euro module? With wifi patch control from the iPad?

  4. Modules with instant/open-ended support for: MAX/MSP, Pure Data, Supercollider, Csound (in the works from qu-bit electronix)


    It’s been said before… If Nord came out with a G3 modular synth, with 4 cv ins and outs (which Dave Smith just did with the Pro Two)… that would be incredible!

  5. Someone make a wifi to cv module that you can control with an iPad, please.

    Just 8 control voltage outputs and a wireless chip, so you could build all sorts of controllers for it on the iPad. You could have touchscreen sliders that control anything you want, save patch stated so you could pull up saved settings, you could do x/y controllers, or continuous pitch controllers – it could be very flexible.

    1. I thought this for a while now, they could even look at an interface panel with the tape and heads in a seperatel unit to place inside your rack


        TG, that’s a good idea at its base, but various wave multipliers are already floating around, for example. You don’t really need a “Poly-Box” module, as such. I find it interesting that a few more memory-bank type modules are appearing. People want the benefits of presets, but without totally violating the hands-on ethic of modulars. I think even Emerson’s Moog had a small bank of custom presets tuned to various intervals and mixes. Having a bank of programmable clusters as a subset of an oscillator module seems sensible. That is, unless someone wants to have an Irish pub brawl over “pure” analog vs. DCOs.

    1. They kind of already have “modular” synths with the LittleBits and the MS20 mini. They could just make a converter to make there synth euro rack friendly.

      1. Little bits is more like monotron Lego. If you look at what else korg is doing it’s surprising they weren’t first to the market out of the big names to be doing euro modules.

      2. Harvestman has one, it’s called the English Tear, works great.
        Also the new Expert Sleepers Disting Can do Lin/Exp conversion as one of its features.

  6. Jomox module featuring the dual filter they have in the XBase999. Also their Sunsyn filter with pole morphing would probably be quite interesting.

    More analog filters with morphing would be interesting. Not a lot of those around as far as i know.

    Some sort of ultra precise master clock module that outputs analog trigger clock, din sync and midi clock, with a multisegment led display for precise tempo adjustment. You can cobble together something like that out of many modules but it ends up being quite expensive. Innerclock systems, maybe ?

  7. no one. cv connectivity is great, but endless modules are a dead end. it’s all about throwing money at problems that used to be solved by ingenuity. just get on with it and get creative in your patching. what you do with your filters matters more than the sound of them.

    imo the pro2 is more innovative in it’s gestalt of features and interface than anything that’s come out in euro for ages. we need big, risky projects like this. things that attempt to re-imagine the way the tools are used, just like dopefer did nearly 20 years ago!

    that said, behringer, boss and electro-harmonix if they were roughly the same price. i don’t need to stomp on my pedals and it’d be easier to use with the modular i have and rest of studio. you could use modules to save and switch routing configurations more easily. no messing with power.

  8. +1 for the most positive thread on Synthtopia to date!!

    Good work folks like pretty much all of the suggestions here πŸ™‚

    For me, the attraction of modular is the weird and wonderful; and especially sequencers, Rene, Pressure Points, Metropolis, etc… so perhaps the Elektron CV sequencer from the A4 would go down well πŸ™‚

  9. I’d like a module that could turn into a synth with a decent keyboard action. πŸ˜€ The actual designs and half of the wish-list items seem perfectly solid, but part of the time, I play the actual keyboard. I find it hard to connect creatively when that feels like something needing repair, right out of the box. I’ve passed on a couple of synths because the clatter overwhelmed the sound.

    It also seems as if the Euro format is pulling ahead a bit lately. It looks to me like more of a good thing than a Beta-vs.-VHS situation. Since I am a piano-&-slab-synth type, I’d like for a few modular users to tell me why they are driven in this direction. I like to understand where other people are coming from. It can be useful and sometimes as funny as hell. I’m totally sold on the ease and clarity of my softsynths, but I learned how to use them by starting out sweating over a couple of monosynths, so I get it, just not quite from the modular angle.

    1. I watched ‘I dream of wires’, and still didn’t get the modular synth desire. All the way through the excellent doco I was lusting after the complete synths. I have a System 100 and MS20, they’re both Semi-Modular and that’s about as much as I can get my head around.

  10. There is already a CS filter, check gotharman, danish euro dude.
    As far as the DSI Filter, well I would have preferred something else

  11. I would like to see pro audio companies to try to invest in production high quality Eurorack modules, especially the companies how are known for their 500 series products. So many of these companies makes so many great effects, EQs, compressors and much more for the studio that could well benefit the Eurorack market.

  12. My god whats wrong with you people. Who has the best Algos nowdays – is a pedal maker so its a natural evolution as a bunch of pedal makers are now making incredible Euro modules – STRYMON.
    Cmon – stay awake people.

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