Sampleslicer – A Realtime CV-Controlled Sample Slice Sequencer


Sampleslicer – a new Euro module now in development – is a real-time sampler/slicer for your modular Eurorack system, that creator Jan Willem says take it ‘far beyond the scope of a regular sample-player’.

The Sampleslicer is a real-time monophonic sampler, including a 16 step voltage-controlled sequencer.The incoming sound is chopped up automatically into 16 parts by the incoming clock signal and spread out over the 16 steps in the internal sequencer.

The length of the recorded sample is set by a clock-divider, so the recording time is always linked to the incoming clock signal. You can choose between time divisions of 2, 1½, 1, ¾, ½ and ¼.

If the divider is set to 1 the sample time is equal to 16 incoming clock-pulses. If set to ½ the sample length is equal to 8 incoming clock-pulses, spread over 16 slices (so half the time). It will produce even more glitchy fun when set to ¾, as it will spread 12 steps over 16 slices.

The maximum sample time is about 30 seconds and the minimum sample time is a fraction of a second for granular noises.

Sampleslicer is not live yet, but you can preview details and see a video demo at the project site.

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4 thoughts on “Sampleslicer – A Realtime CV-Controlled Sample Slice Sequencer

  1. Great to see a Dutch Eurorack developer! I’m not particularly interested in this module, but the T-shirt you can get for contributing $20 looks pretty awesome. Will be keeping an eye on the project site.

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