K-Devices Debuts New Max For Live Device, ‘TED’

K-Devices has released a new Max For Live device, TED, a “highly editable” function generator with CV/Gate output.

TED allows the user to modulate a broad range of things in Ableton Live, including the user interface, other devices and third-party plug-ins, with complex waveforms and functions.

K-Devices-TEDTED is made up of three main sections: an oscillator with six morphable waveforms; a sample-and-hold circuit; and an effect section.

Ted is also CV/Gate compatible, for “injecting new modulation” in Eurorack systems and other analog devices. Finally, TED also supports Open Sound Control (OSC) (see video, below) and K-Devices has a free Lemur template available through their online shop.

Pricing and Availability. TED is available now, via the K-Devices website, for €5.

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