Amplify NOiZE Turns Multiple iPads Into A Digital Band

This video is a sneak preview of Amplify’s upcoming NOiZE app for iOS, designed to let you use to 10 iOS devices together as a ‘digital band’.

According to Amplify, NOiZE is designed to “strike the perfect balance between expression, depth and accessibility.”

Little information is available at their site, but it appears that NOiZE lets you customize the sounds, effects, key, tempo and groove of a song and then share it with multiple iOS devices. This means that anyone should be able to use it not play any ‘wrong notes’, while more experienced musicians should be able to play it more expressively.

Details are to come.

11 thoughts on “Amplify NOiZE Turns Multiple iPads Into A Digital Band

  1. This is amazing… the sync is precise, and if this is not completely staged, should be an extremely awesome improvisation platform for electronic music.

  2. Kind of mixed reaction here. On one hand I’m trying to avoid the “get off my lawn” old guy vibe.

    The music is understandably safe with its pentatonic scales & 16th note quantization. Don’t know if it will do anything more interesting than that.

    I like the idea of providing tools for this kind of interplay. The kidz will enjoy it.

    On the other hand, I just find it all boring and sad.

  3. Looks cool, but more importantly sounds great as well…
    Excellent performance and choice of music to demonstrate this app 🙂
    BTW; Is that one app on three devices or three different ones running in unison?

  4. this type of safety net approach to the improvisation of electronic music only serves to homogenise and dilute ideas. software that lets you make music only to the extent of the programmers imagination doesn’t really do anyone any favours. it’s a toy for people who want to dip their toes into making music, more similar to guitar hero than actual production tools. make no mistake, this world friendly looking mistake averse instant gratification software is the enemy of creative music production.

    1. You might not know how to make anything new with it… but your kids will. 🙂

      Pretty sure most any instrument could fall into the category of “only to the extent of the [creator’s] imagination” if you decide to limit yourself in that way. Say, a 909 or an acoustic guitar.

  5. Rubbish. You sound like you’re complaining that the word processor has ruined the world of literature because amateur writers can now produce manuscripts that look like professional manuscripts. The same argument has been made about every musical innovation ever made. Just because something makes it easy for non-musicians to produce musical results does NOT mean it can’t also be used to produce something creative and inspired.

  6. I’m looking forward to seeing videos of how you create these interfaces in Noize. From what I understand, we’re only seeing half a picture here—the end result.

    Maybe that stuff is no longer a user facing part of the program?

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