‘Synth Supergroup’ Node Announces First Gig In 15 Years


Composer Dave Bessell let us know about an upcoming concert that will be of interest to a lot of electronic music fans – a live performance by ‘synth supergroup’ Node.

Performed on an extremely rare collection of vintage analogue synthesizers, some of which are shown above, Node’s music ranges from dense textural atmospheres to minimal evolving rhythms. It’s been described as like ‘the soundtrack to some long forgotten sci fi film’.

Node will be performing at Feb 27, 2015 at 8:30 pm, at the Royal College of Music in London. 

At the recording sessions for ‘Node 2’…

Node features four music industry veterans that have taken time out from their ‘day jobs’ to indulge their passion for everything analog:

  • producer and sonic legend Flood;
  • producer and composer Ed Buller;
  • composer & professor of music Dave Bessell; and
  • Hollywood composer Mel Wesson, who has most recently provided soundscapes for Hans Zimmer’s run of blockbuster films.

The quartet recently released their second analog synthfest, Node 2 (available at Amazon and Bandcamp). Here’s a preview:

Ticket for the Node concert are £30. See the RCM site for details.

9 thoughts on “‘Synth Supergroup’ Node Announces First Gig In 15 Years

    1. Yes Node 2 is a very nice album.

      I hear a lot of Tangerine Dream influence, especially from the Franke, Froese & Bauman era, which is my favorite, with a little bit of the early 80’s intricate sequencing, too. I would love to see them live, and £30 is a great price, but the plane ticket is another thing…..

  1. Hi, I spent the day with Node on the 27th February 2015 and have 2 sets of photographs from the set up, to the masterclass they did for students of the Royal College of Music, to the evening performance (which was a whole lot more than a “synth jam” – lol).

    You can find them here:

    Node Set Up and Masterclass: https://www.flickr.com/photos/manof2worlds/sets/72157651091063576/

    Node Performance:


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