Cross DJ for Android Gets Hardware MIDI Control Support

Mixvibes has updated Cross DJ for Android, adding support for the Mixvibes U-Mix Control-Pro hardware controller and more.

Here’s what’s new in Cross DJ for Android  v 1.5:

  • MIDI Control – Connect your Android device to the U-Mix Control-Pro: all Cross DJ controls are mapped. According to Mixvibes, the U-Mix Control Pro mapping is the first step in showing that MIDI control on Android is now possible. Support for additional controllers is planned.
  • Mixcloud integration – Record your mix and export it to Mixcloud, directly from within the app. Cross DJ also export the tracks names + the timestamps and automatically publishes a smart tracklist.
  • SoundCloud integration – Export your mix to SoundCloud: Cross DJ writes tracks names as a comment below the waveform.

Cross DJ For Android is available in the Google Play store for US $9.99. An iOS version is also available, which supports 10 DJ controllers, for US $3.99 in the App Store. On iOS, unlocking MIDI support is a $.99 in-app purchase.

If you’ve used Cross DJ for Android, let us know what you think of it!

24 thoughts on “Cross DJ for Android Gets Hardware MIDI Control Support

        1. You people think its okay to crash every articles about your beloved iphones? you people seem to enjoy crashing every articles about android, and denouncing this seems to offend even the operator of this website.

          I hope you guys will not complain the next time somone trash the comments sections on an iphone article.

          1. Just because someone likes something that works and criticizes something that doesn’t is not grounds for the term fanboy. If iOS stopped being useful I would stop using it. There may be a fanboy on this thread. It’s not me.

            1. trashing android is ok because it sucks,
              trashing ios is not ok because its awesome.

              got it thank you.

              i guess i was wrong to use both, clearly you guys knows everything about this.

              1. I trash nothing. Latency is even more of an issue for DJs than other types of musicians. Android has well documented latency issues. Pointing out that fact is not trashing something. No one is insulting you or your choices. Use what works for you. If I have misspoken please inform me, that I may be smarter in the future.

                1. but as an open source community, android is a bit more likely to progress and evolve. which, if you have actually kept up with the updates recently is what it is doing.

                  1. Then why is this not happening?

                    It’s because all both Google and Android want to do is sell tons of phones. Fixing audio, fixing MIDI and fixing the platform for developers are not high priorities, or they would have addressed it seven years ago.

  1. There’s a lot of people complaining every time Android and Music is mentioned. I don’t really see what’s so bad with more options? Yes, there are limitations in the platform today, but why not try to see beyond the problems and instead try to see opportunities? I for one look forward to using more of both iOS and Android in my setup.

  2. This is a pointless article and discussion. The sheer difference in the amount of apps featured in google play and the AppStore is astonishing. And the quality too.

    Cross Dj sucks on iOS and is nothing compared to Traktor Dj by NI

    This is the one Dj app to rule them all, wtf- u don’t even need headphones to cue or an external midi cdj mimicking whatsit:)

    Perfect bpm sync too

    Not sure why despite Samsung and android devices in general selling really well that they cannot make their jellybeans and icecream sandwiches taste better lol

  3. I’ve had an eye on cross since it came out a while back. Kinda nice to see a bit more diversity in OS. Can’t wait till coders get the audio engine a bit tighter.

    1. You need to realise a universal truth- iOS is developed for tightness in audio and visual things whereas audio processing is not really a priority for android at present. If it were, music apps would be abundant on it:)

      1. But there are an abundance of music apps on Android. And some of them are really good (Caustic, who jumped to IOS as well is only one example).

        But no one here wants to hear this, seeing how every positive comments about Android is downvoted.

        1. Yes I know, caustic ,gstomper ,sunvox and a few others maybe are available on android but the fact is that most devs will release apps on iOS due to stability and speed issues, as well as the market being substantially bigger.

          This is because android have failed to adress certain issues that would make music apps more appealing in that platform.

          It’s all about money. I’m sure if powerful iOS apps could function on android them certainly devs would release on both platforms.

          Another factor is that people who are loyal to android/ google/ windows, project a certain hate toward apple because they don’t like the company and perhaps cannot afford an iPad or iPhone , preferring to spend £100-£200 on a lesser phone or tablet and thus missing out on a more stable and variegated experience on iOS.

          And the androids do project that hate onto iOS, even their adverts and videos take the piss out of apple.

          I’ve not seen much hate toward android from iOS peeps , rather they do not take the platform seriously because they are already established in using a superior platform.

          As it stands right now, android is only good for photos, actual phone calls and gaming. iOS devices do those things very very well but can also process the most powerful mobile music apps too.

          Android don’t seem concerned about this or the OS would be potent enough to run serious synths and daws. Preferring to keep sales high by keeping prices and functionality low and adding flashy but unnecessary features, they give the customer half the experience that is realised on iOS.

          Despite apples prices being higher, the customer base grows incredibly daily.

          1. “the customer base grows incredibly daily.”

            Sure it still grows as there are still many people who haven’t made the technology jump, but most of these people go with Android and Windows.

            Both the iphones and ipads sales have dropped down below 20% of all phones and tablets sold. But Apple do not mind as they have been selling only 6-7% of all computers and laptops for decades and have still been very profitable (mostly because they really know how to milk their users base).

            1. You can throw inaccurate stats at me all u like but lol, here are 5 indisputable facts that trash yer stats mate:

              1-people cue up outside apple stores for days prior to new device stock being released for sale in store

              2-apple events generate far more media coverage than any other tablet/phone maker

              3- apple don’t need to spam posters and such about their devices whereas Samsung do, apple just doesn’t need to

              4- in Hollywood movies, 9 out of 10 scenes where a laptop is visible , the laptop is a MacBook

              5- you name me one android watch that is better looking than the apple watch? You can’t.

              1. dude, even diehard Apple fanbois are calling the Apple watch ugly next to the Moto 360.

                Sure their followers are more passionate than for other brands and their media events are covered aplenty, but theirt market share HAS been shrinking to less than 20%, and only the most diehardest fanboi will pretend otherwise because the numbers support this.

                Did you know Apple pays for their laptops in movies and tv? What you think is popularity is just advertising.

                1. Apple does not, and never has paid for product placement in movies and TV. They make their products available to the productions who want to use them, but never pay for said inclusion. When arguing, try using facts. Throwing around terms like “fanboi” does not alter reality.

                  “dude, even diehard Apple fanbois are calling the Apple watch ugly next to the Moto 360.” Even if this were true, it does nothing to address the latency in Android’s audio apps. If the information about Android is false, please point to the facts which demonstrate that.

                  When one’s position is weak, the only possible argument is to attack the competition. Even if every slight made on Apple were true, it doesn’t take away from Android’s problems.

                  I have an Android tablet, and nothing would make me happier than being able to use it to make music. Sadly, this is not the case.

                  1. Anyway, lets see how many “fanbois” buy the watch

                    But in today’s news it says that pre orders and purchases of the iPhone 6 set new records for apple

                    I think “apple fanboy ” is an inaccurate description for people who like and benefit from apple products. Sure, the mugs who spend 24-48 hrs sleeping outside apple stores hoping to be the first customer for new devices are fanbois, but those who sensibly choose a device THAT WORKS for serious music making ( and there really is only one choice at present ) are just intelligent and know what they need.

                    1. The ‘fanbois’ talk makes me laugh, because, at least for musicians, you’d have to be an Android or Windows fanbois to buy ANY other type of smartphone besides an iPhone.

                      The Android and Windows platforms are at least 3-4 years behind iOS when it comes to music apps. I’ve looked, and beyond a few apps like Caustic, Android’s a wasteland for music apps. For every decent music app on Android, there are 50 on iOS, and that’s not an exaggeration. Korg alone has at least five great music apps, and that’s just one company.

                      Then there are the system-level things that make iOS vastly superior for musicians, like MIDI support, low-latency audio and low-latency touch responsiveness. If Google could make those issues go away today, they’d be where iOS was five years ago. It’s too bad, but Google doesn’t care about the needs of musicians, they just want lots of people using Android phones and doing lots of searches.

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