Korg MS-20 Paraphony

This video, via gattobus, takes a look experimenting with paraphony with the Korg MS-20 synthesizer.

Paraphonic synthesizers are synths that allow polyphonic control over the oscillators, but not polyphonic synthesis, because the oscillators run through a single, shared synthesis path. It’s like throat singing, where a single person sings two different pitches, but only has one throat and mouth, vs multiple people singing, with individual, independent voices.

The video, the first in a planned series, looks at using the MS-20’s modular capabilities to independently control the two VCOs.

14 thoughts on “Korg MS-20 Paraphony

  1. when I patch this up, VCO2’s pitch drifts down really slow to infinity after a few seconds. Any idea why this would happen? It plays in tune all other times I tested and patched up.

  2. Really lovely, I love this feature on the sub phatty. This video emphasises my love for the original ms-20 too. Haven’t heard a mini sound this good. Or have I embarrassed myself and this is a mini?

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