Dreadbox Intros Erebus Paraphonic Analog Synth Module


Dreadbox has introduced the Erebus, a new semi-modular paraphonic analog synth module.

It offers what is essentially a monophonic synth architecture, but that allows for independent control of its two oscillators. This means you can play (or sequence) two different pitches, but the pitches will go through a shared VCF, VCA, etc. 


  • Full Analog Paraphonic Synthesizer
  • Full Analog 2-voice Paraphony or Unison sounds
  • 2 x VCO with separate glide controls
  • Two pole (12dB/ocv) resonating VC Low Pass Filter
  • VC LFO with additional VC Depth
  • 2 x Envelope Generators (1xADSR and 1xAR dedicated to the AMP)
  • VC Delay/Echo
  • 14 patches for an astonishing Modular experience
  • CV Outputs: LFO, Envelope, Modulation Wheel, Gate, Osc1 pitch (1V/ocv), Osc2 pitch (1V/ocv)
  • CV Inputs: Osc1, Osc2, Echo time, VCF, LFO rate, LFO depth, CV/Gate
  • MIDI interface: Pitch note/gate on-off, retrigger function (on-board), Mod wheel (patched on-board), Pitch wheel, MIDI Channel select 1-7 or Omni (DIP switch)
  • Paraphony CV/GATE outputs allows you to turn monophonic devices into Paraphonic, or even combine 2 monosynths into a paraphony orgy

Here are the official audio demos:

The Dreadbox Erebus is priced at UR $539. See the Dreadbox site for details.

via Wouter

10 thoughts on “Dreadbox Intros Erebus Paraphonic Analog Synth Module

  1. the VC echo + mod matrix makes this not-your-average-monosynth.. and therefore quite appealing

    pretty damn nice sounds too.. kinda vintage in a good way

  2. Sounds pretty darn good. Physical appearance is nice.

    I like that they have included Delay/Echo. The patching possibililties are VERY appealing.

    Would love to see a video, and much better sound demos.

    On my radar, for sure!

  3. I’m amused but mostly positive about paraphony cropping up more often lately. If you know jack, you also know that its a limited utility, but good sound uber alles rules when you need a simple pad or a harmony line. You can’t do some things with just one envelope, but the pad-ly goodness you *can* get is not bad. I once got to play an ARP2600 that was set up to be duophonic and damned if I didn’t find myself getting a little hand-independence going with just one added voice. Its no big thing alone, but it adds worthy muscle to a monosynth. Multiply that usefulness if you can manage chords, as on DSI’s Pro2.

  4. To my ears, this is the best sounding of the affordable monos. Might not have the range of something like a Minibrute but the basic sound is just delicious. Long live makers that add a MIDI Thru and “Paraphony CV/GATE outputs allows you to turn monophonic devices into Paraphonic, or even combine 2 monosynths into a paraphony orgy” is a really clever feature.

    Only dissapointing thing, and it’s not that big of a deal, is the shortest release on the amp envelope isn’t as short as I’d like. Can be heard in the last part of the video on their site.

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