Livid DS1 Overview

Livid Instruments has just released a short introductory video for their new DS1, a portable MIDI mixer for computer-based mixing, production, and performance.

A collaboration between Livid and Dubspot, the DS1 is a fully-customizeable, fully-assignable MIDI controller that is manufactured in Austin, Texas. It is USB powered and works with any sequencer, soft synth, or plug in that supports MIDI.

The Livid DS1 retails for $479 US. More information at the Livid website.

11 thoughts on “Livid DS1 Overview

  1. I like the overall shape of this and the price seems rational. The point where I question it is the commitment thing. I once took a helicopter to the airport and asked the pilot how he became so conversant in his flying. He gave me a great response about having flown in Vietnam and how what he called muscle memory was crucial. He instinctively reached for the right moves through experience. I feel the same way about Logic now. I can grab and go musically and not be held back procedurally. If you’re really committed, then this is a great option. Just remember that “multitasking” is a computer function and not one YER BRAIN can offer much. You simply become less proficient as you add tasks, like an underpowered CPU wheezing under the load of an additive synth.

    As always, plan ahead and test the gear before showtime. I’m hardcore about my desktop being The One for me, but I could imagine setting up templates for Logic, Alchemy and MOTU Si with this. There are similar boxes of Good to be had, but this one kinda *smells* good. Its easy for us to gobble about shiny new things, but the real grail is that line between Pretty and Useful. I’m not an easy sell all the time, but I think Livid hit a sweet spot here. Let’s see how it does in the field.

    1. How was that 1st paragraph relevant? I feel your comment is somewhere between a motivational speech, your opinions on how you should produce and a long way of saying you want to try this controller… Cool…

  2. Ridiculous price just to send midi info from something with cute lights. You can buy a real piece of kit that actually makes noise(as well as send midi info) for less. The midi controller market has gotten way out of control.

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