7 thoughts on “Akai Releases Free Apps For MPX8, MPX16 Owners

  1. I realized that this is intended to be a a sample trigger (rather than an MPC), but had Akai added a sequencer to this, it would have sold like hot cakes!

    The reason why I sold my MPC1000 is that it was too big / too heavy. Other than the MPC500, there really isn’t anything that comes close to the functionality of the traditional MPC but in a portable package.

    1. I’m considering selling my mpc1000 and replacing it with a mpx16. I have an iPad on which i run cubasis and so could use this as a midi controller…. But, to load sounds onto the SD card, I’ll presumably need a laptop running some kind of MPX16 wave editor, right? I really wanna work as much as possible without a laptop (especially live)

      1. Ok, so I’ve borrowed a MPX16 from the store, and have tried downloading the MPX File Conversion Utility software but apparently i need to check with the developer that it’ll work with my version of mac OS (10.6.8). Anyone know how i contact the developer to check?

  2. I own three pieces of gear from Bering and have had no issues. Of course, you get what you pay for so expecting top of the line performance from budget kit is unrealistic, but I am excited to see what is offered from Bering as an analogue poly. Look at what Kong has made possible for $150 in the Volta line. If Bering makes something decent for under $400 it will probably be a huge success.

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