Using Thalmic Labs’ Myo As a MIDI Controller

Modulus Music’s Liam Lacey was at the London 2014 Music Tech Fest hackathon recently, where he demonstrated this hack:

“For my hack I played around with Thalmic Labs Myo gesture armband device and developed software for it that turned it into a MIDI controller. I then mapped itโ€™s MIDI messages to a set of audio loops, instruments and effects within Ableton Live to demonstrate how the device could be used as a music performance tool.”

3 thoughts on “Using Thalmic Labs’ Myo As a MIDI Controller

  1. really good ๐Ÿ™‚

    but what is it for a MIDI mapping ??
    really really curious about that.
    is it like masschine or something full of presets kits , user friendly ?
    or should I be experienced whit hardcore MIDI mapping ?

  2. Myo , motion leap and hothands are my main wireless inputs
    all very good interfaces for experimental music.
    BUT. .. for dance and beat stuff you just end up looking sort of stupid , waving your hands around when you could just use a $50 korg nano controller to do the same thing

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