Korg DSN-12 Synth + Sequencer For Nintendo 3DS Now Available


Korg DSN-12 – an ‘analog-style’ synth app for the Nintendo 3DS – is now available.

Korg DSN-12 provides twelve monophonic synthesizers, based on the Korg MS-10 analog synthesizer. Each can have three effects, letting you create a broad range of sounds

You can assemble sequences into patterns, and save up to 64 patterns for use. Songs can be created by freely connecting patterns together.

DSN-12 also includes what they are calling the world’s first 3D oscilloscope (Wave and Lissajous modes are provided.)

Here’s the official intro video:

Key Features:

  • Contains 12 virtual analog monophonic synthesizers
  • Up to 64 sequence steps
  • Freely place sequences in up to 64 patterns
  • Pattern Program mode lets you chain patterns in up to 99 scenes; muting can also be programmed for each track
  • Three effects are provided; choose from delay, chorus, flanger, compressor, kick, and reverb
  • Local communication allows users to exchange song data and sound data
  • The world’s first* 3D display oscilloscope screen; Wave and Lissajous modes are provided

Here’s a preview of the oscilloscope in DSN-12:

Korg DSN-12 is available as a download in the Nintendo eShop, in Europe, for 29.99 EUR. For more info, see the Korg site.

If you’ve used DSN-12, leave a comment with your thoughts on it!

15 thoughts on “Korg DSN-12 Synth + Sequencer For Nintendo 3DS Now Available

  1. Why is everybody getting so excited, it’s just a Lissajou display, nothing new or out of ordinary and it won’t help you become a famous musician…lol. Think!

  2. I’ve just ordered my black 3DS XL, and yeah, I’m quite excited. Not because the osciloscope thing -this just seems like a really cool feature- but because DS10 is already awesome. I just love how it sounds and the workflow. It’ s not a complicated synth (comparatively, because is way simpler than an accurate emulation of MS-20, but still more complicated than the semimodular synth in Gadget or in many similar apps), and yet it can produce an infinite range of sounds. Sound and musical/song creation are tightly bound together in a way you would have to struggle really hard for to get in a more sophisticated, professional environment, and I think that’s the main point why I found it so inspiring, and most of the music produced with it interesting and fresh. More tracks, more realtime modulation, a better sequencer, some new effects, an getting rid of the cartridge storing limitations cannot be bad 🙂

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