15 thoughts on “Hitchhiker – 11 (Eleven)

  1. Why did the honourable Synthopia descend to the level of showcasing this tedious novelty. That only gets interesting at the end. I thought this place was for music. Still that was a gimmick. And gimmicks are what it’s all about, by this definition.

    1. I don’t know, the guy could probably afford any vintage gear he wants. Read his ‘resume’:
      You probably don’t know any of the acts mentioned, but this guy gets around in his own genre. The dude did all the motion capture and graphics in the vid himself. So, he might have grabbed pix offline; but I think he more than meets the ‘cred’ qualifier to be featured here.

        1. Nope,I’m certainly not his management; but if I see talent, (even if it isn’t my ‘cup of tea’) I don’t have to complain about it to feel better about myself. The guy is something like Timberlake in his own genre/culture. If he stopped working tomorrow, some of Asia’s best grossing performers would be in search of another producer.

      1. Bragging over doing the graphics on this song is nothing someone should do. It’s completely crap animation, texturing, modeling, compositing, and all over visual design.

        1. So, compared to all the solo recorded/produced videos on this site, I can see why you complain about the quality of the CGI, compositing, etc..

    2. “He didn’t use ANY analog gear on this song…”

      I for one am shocked at this. Shocked, I tell you.

      Infectious fun, I thought. And that is what it’s all about, no?

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