How To Set Up A Controllerism DJ Rig

DJ TechToolsEan Golden explains his controllerism DJ rig.

Golden does a great job of explaining the technical details of his rig, which he used in Ibiza, opening for Hawtin….

Gear List:

  • Pioneer DJM-900 Nexus
  • Kontrol X1 MK1
  • Chroma Cables – used to identify different parts of the setup
  • Midi Fighter Twister – used to control Deck D, sequencing drum beats
  • Midi Fighter 3D – used to trigger single-shot samples, with effects mapped to the X-Y gyroscopic motion control
  • Boss FX pedals – used with the send/return of the DJM-900 almost exclusively with sequenced beats on Deck D.
  • Westone UM2 In-Ear Monitors and Subpac M1 – for monitoring


6 thoughts on “How To Set Up A Controllerism DJ Rig

  1. What about the power source when you conect to many devices to a macbook … i burn my maschine that ai have concted by a Powered USB Hub D link 🙁

  2. 🙁 sorry for you hearing bro. Mad mad gear. Hope to hear your mixing live sometime in this life. Keep up the excellent work

  3. I don’t really follow the DJ world, but it sounds like this guy takes a lot of crap from “purists.” I’m not really in a position to judge, but I listened to a mix of his the other day (when this video went up over at DJTT) and it was totally enjoyable. I genuinely don’t know or care about who’s doing what in Ibiza, but I had a good morning working with that on. Dude seems all right, even if we don’t necessarily share a fashion sense.

  4. This ableton controllerism fad needs to be called something other than “DJ”

    Hate to state the obvious but we all know what DJ stands for right? Maybe the younger generation actually don’t. Because hardly ever are actual discs involved.

    Maybe the initials “LJ” for loop jockey should be used because these loopers are actually doing live improv and are a different breed of performer actually.

    Not hating on them, some are quite good but they are certainly not mixing records or discs of any kind

    1. I think you’re missing the point here and just dealing with semantics. A DJ was called a DJ because that’s originally what they played. There wasn’t much choice at the time and the technical aspects (scratching, beat matching, and EQing) of the craft developed with the technology of the time – 1200’s, rotary mixers, filters, etc.

      The DJ had one job – rock the party and make people dance, maybe drop some mellow tracks once in a while so the crowd hits the bar.

      Today the job is the same whether a “disc” is used or not. Arguably some acts just play a premixed set which I and many others have issues with but what Ean and others do is still valid and still DJing. I loves to play records and learned the old way but all technology has done is give you more options. The result is great for me because I have the history and wisdom to know not to let it run the show but for others, it just makes them lazy. Ultimately you still have to play good tracks that make people dance.

    2. ummm… there is nothing ableton about this and techno djs have been using hybrid set-ups for years. we got the same flack 15 years ago for using grooveboxes and loop vinyls.

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