Thom Yorke’s New Album, ‘Tomorrow’s Modern Boxes’, Now Available To Torrent


Thom Yorke has announced a new album today, Tomorrow’s Modern Boxes, which is available right now.

You can buy the digital album as a $6 bittorrent bundle, or get the deluxe vinyl + digital version for £30.

Official Description:

Tomorrow’s Modern Boxes is a new eight-track record from Thom Yorke.

A record born of silver darkness, pressed onto heavyweight 180g white vinyl completed with undersize 75mm centre labels, housed within heavy white board inner and outer sleeves.

These are printed with a metallic silver laminate then multi-tone black and a striking neon green; the whole is enclosed in a bespoke anti-static shield bag – a metallised laminated material usually used by the electronics industry for protecting components from electrostatic interference. The bag is printed with neon green on both sides, and has a resealable grip closure.

Here’s the video for the single, A Brain In A Bottle:

8 thoughts on “Thom Yorke’s New Album, ‘Tomorrow’s Modern Boxes’, Now Available To Torrent

  1. Yea, but if that was the official video, that would be kinda unexpected & funny. We probably need an autumn fools day, just for this kinda thing.

  2. Wow! A surprising amount of effort was put into that video. I’m not sure why… but it certainly was!

    My hat’s off to the guy who did it. If there’s one thing the Internet needs more of, it’s cats.

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