Arturia iProphet Brings Sequential Circuits Prophet VS Sound To iPad


Arturia has officially introduced iProphet – an iPad software synth that recreates the sound of the classic Sequential Circuits Prophet VS synthesizer.

According to Arturia, iProphet is great for evolving pads, sharp leads and punchy digital bass sounds. It comes with over 500 presets, and you can share patches between iProphet and Arturia’s Prophet V synthesizer. iProphet also supports key iOS music technologies, including Inter-App Audio, Audiobus and CoreMIDI.

Here’s the official intro video for Arturia iProphet:

Here’s a demo if iProphet, by Arturia’s Glen Darcey:

Arturia iProphet Screen Shots:


  • 4 digital oscillators
  • 95 different waveforms
  • Multimode filter:
    • Low pass
    • Band pass
    • High pass
    • Band reject
  • Vector Joystick
  • Multipoint looping envelope generators
  • Audiobus
  • Core MIDI
  • Interapp-audio
  • Tabletop Ready
  • Modulation matrix
  • Output effects:
    • Chorus
    • Overdrive
    • Digital delay
  • Preset import/export
  • Compatibility with Prophet V presets
  • Apple’s Inter-app audio

Arturia notes that use of the brands ‘Prophet’ and ‘Sequencial Circuits’ is done with the permission of Dave Smith Instruments.

Arturia iProphet is available now in the App Store for US $9.99.

If you’ve used iProphet, leave a comment and let us know what you think of it!

40 thoughts on “Arturia iProphet Brings Sequential Circuits Prophet VS Sound To iPad

  1. Quick! Arm a new track so we can record the happy SQUEEEE of padders lining up for this one. It sure looks like they got everything right. Its an added incentive to buy an iPad, just to have that good an instrument under your arm.

  2. Already I see the pitch and mod wheels need fixing, they are unresponsive on the iPad midi air screen, I’m sure they will work on my midi Kb but this is really poor, I’m nearly rubbing a hole through my screen to get them to work. I know it ‘only cost the price of a magazine’ but I’ll be really annoyed if I couldn’t turn the pages!

      1. It’s the first time I’ve come across this problem, I have been collecting iOS synths for a long long time and this was the first thing that struck me, the unresponsive wheels. I don’t know why I’ve had so many down votes when I made a true and valid statement. It maybe a iPad mini problem?

        1. The wheels also have very poor visibility. The detent is difficult to see so it’s hard to determine at a glance where the mod wheel has been left. I know it would decrease the amount of visual fidelity to the original, but a white line or some other contrast marking wouldn’t be a bad idea.

  3. It’s another collaboration with Retronyms, so don’t expect much of a MIDI implementation; look at the great job they did with iMini.
    The differences are obvious between that and iSEM. Why they chose ‘nyms’ again over Rolf is a mystery.
    I’m not saying it’s not a decent enough synth under all the mire, just know what to expect in terms of features and support etc..

  4. This thing is GREAT! Wow. Ok, apparently I needed the link from here as well. That is how I got to it in the AppStore, thought the link provided in this article. I tried to go to the app numerous ways from within the AppStore: first by my usual method, type in “synthesizer” followed by setting for most recent entries (I don’t understand the default “relevant”…well, I guess it’s better than a default of “by popularity” whatever the hell that even means)…anyway, no dice with the method described above. Then tried more specific searches such as “Arturia” and “Retronyms”…no dice. Ok, I just tried iprophet: got a bunch of religious stuff…no, no, no I am NOT going to refine my search by dropping down for music category and whatever else might “ease” my fruitless search. Chalk up another tiny goofy thing that majorly irks me about Apple way of doing things. Whatever, I still love apple…oh, by the way…GET THIS F’n SYNTH…N O W (disclaimer: delirious, on three hours of sleep)

      1. Yeah, at first I did what I wrote above…with the results I posted thereafter. Today I did the same, using my typical method of typing in synthesizer followed by “most recent”, and whammo, it came up.

  5. Trying it now. Won’t receive midi from my iPad sequencer (just like the other Arturia synth i DLed and returned) but it does work with midi out from my iconnectmidi2

  6. Not super impressed. No sequencer like the iSEM, I was expecting that … Cool sounds though. Agreed with the above…. Kind of reminds me of the Imini

  7. I LOVE IT !!

    Just tell me where the default patch is ? it seems to me that i cant reset it. i can only choose a patch and then try to set everything to mid position.

    What i would love is an INIT – patch

  8. The output is clipping on nearly all presets, must turn down the master all the time. This should be fixed in an update. Other than that, it’s a nice instrument, I like it. Many good wavetable synths on ipad now

  9. Crashed my iPad, first audio app to ever do so. After reboot, doesn’t load any presets anymore. Sounded nice while it lasted though.

  10. Used it in tabletop finally…a little goofy, why? When I go to the “All” presets page, there are blank fields for all the presets: subcategories and subsequent content within each. They are present, but there is no text, the text for each are only visable who you blindly select one. WTF? Also, how is everyone here doing with iOS 8? I love upgrading to the latest and greatest, but my ipad3 is running like shit on it. So many different apps (music and otherwise) are thus far I compatable or are quirky as hell since the iOS jump.

  11. Sounds so killer, love it! BUT…. Does crash in tabletop….does lose its presets names after the 8.0 update(they are there but you can’t see em, lol ghost patch names)…having to assign your controller every time in tabletop is a lil silly, and does need a default patch.

  12. Theres a bug in the modulation section. Mod Wheel seems to be set to max in many of the “Factory” presets. Truning off the mod wheel and back on in the modulation page restores normal behaviour. App sounds OK, theres a lot of character missing compared to a real VS, I have two, the iProphet sounds smoothed out, like the grit has been smeared. Close enough in a mix though.

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