Murmux Semi-Modular Synthesizer Review

This video, via ProckGnosis, is a user review of the Murmux Semi-Modular Synthesizer, manufactured in Greece by Dreadbox Pedals and Synths.

The review covers the basics of the Murmux, including the different sections and features, some sound examples and the different controls and parameters.

“All in all, I LOVE it,” notes ProckGnosis, “addictive as hell to play around with and in some ways cooler than my Moog Voyager…”

This review does not get into patching the Murmux with the CV/Gate inputs and outputs. See Henrik Lendal’s video, below, for examples of patching the Murmux.

Here’s what ProckGnosis sees as the pros and cons of the Murmux:


  • The synth sounds great and is a blast to mess around with
  • Looks as great as it sounds
  • Great sounding filter
  • A slightly different approach on some features (the 4-stage mod for example)
  • Sturdy construction with solid knobs!
  • The semi-modular patching option (sadly not explored in this video)


  • Playing legato with a MIDI controller does not retrigger the filter envelope, but playing with a CV/gate input DOES retrigger the filter envelope playing legato or staccato
  • Filter has a slight spike on the key-up with certain settings

See the Dreadbox site for more info on the Murmux synthesizer.

6 thoughts on “Murmux Semi-Modular Synthesizer Review

  1. A very nice video by Prockgnosis. But we have to mention 4 quick corrections

    1. The filter is always following the 1V/oct scale.
    2. You can attach the envelope on any oscillator via the patch EG.
    3. Every synth after serial No-20 will get a MIDI upgrade for many functions, including the wheels and the retrigger mode.
    4. The spike on the filter is an attack generated after the sustain stage, because the sustain knob can reach negative levels. When one finds the null point the spikes go off.


    1. Same here, I bought a Sub Phatty around the time I bought my Murmux semi-modular, and I recently sold the SubPhatty. This thing is just so much more alive than most modern analogs….

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