Hypersynth Xenophone Monophonic Analog Synthesizer Review


This video, via SB-SIX, is a user review of the new Hypersynth Xenophone monophonic analog synthesizer:

The Xenophone is an advanced analog mono-synth with 100% analog signal path.

It has three oscillators, two subs, three ring modulators, one multimode VCF and analog distortion, all based on discrete analog circuits followed by a high quality stereo digital delay and reverb.

In addition to its synthesis capabilities, it can be used as a powerful audio processor to colorize an external input signal by analog filter, distortion and DFX.

The Hypersynth Xenophone is priced starting at US $899. See the Hypersynth site for details.

22 thoughts on “Hypersynth Xenophone Monophonic Analog Synthesizer Review

  1. Looks killer, sounds a bit like an Arp Odyssey. Three ring modulators is a rare thing, and they packed a lot into this little beast. Very affordable considering the specs, but I predict someone who thinks the world owes them something will bitch about the price.

    1. mfb dominion x is very similar. both did not say if the RM is analog or digital, which is a large difference in sound. with dominion x it was admitted later that it is only digital, since there is one analog RM on the new model.

    2. Goudron, why on Earth would you finish up with that bitchy, sniping hiss? What the hell is wrong with your panties today? Like it or don’t like it, but you ruined it with your paragraph-ending snivel.

      1. Because, every time a new piece of quality equipment is introduced, synththesizers especially, someone invariably moans about the price being too high. Do you read the comments on this site? It’s far too common, and excuse me for trying to nip it in the bud because I think that this synth is worthy of it’s retail price. Also, I’m a cynical bastard, so there’s that to consider.

    1. Except that is has all the features missing from the DSI Mopho synth like FM and Ring Modulation for the Osc’s.

  2. A lot of synth for the money, and site says an editor VST is on the way.
    $165 for US shipping though, OUCH. Need a group buy.

    1. And that $165 does not include customs duties or broker fees (if they ship via FedEx or UPS, etc). Yeah, I’d be all over this but that’s well north of $1000 when all is said and done, not to mention a headache if you ever need warranty service. Maybe they should look into distribution through Sweetwater or some other big outfit in N. America?

  3. Anybody else think the stepping was super noticeable whenever he swept the filter? I would be interested to see / hear if the stepping is as apparent when using an expression pedal. Maybe (hopefully) it’s just an issue with how the rotary encoders interact with the filter.

    1. In quickstart it says : you can adjust filter encoder resolution in global menu, the guy in this video may adjust it to the maximum speed. however I did not notice stepping.

      1. Interesting, thanks Tom. Surprised to hear you didn’t hear the stepping – seemed extremely noticeable to me.

  4. I have one now for a few weeks and i t,s definitely not a keeper
    it,s feels like playing with a very big expensive Shruti synth
    first the interface
    It doesn ,t make sense to me ,it has 26 encoders and 20+ buttons
    but still to many parameters that have to be programmed in the menu like the sequencer
    and the encoders are to close together especially the ones from the menu and the filter
    second the sound :
    i bought a used one for 750 euro and a new one costs 1050 euro
    but it doesn,t sound like a 1000 euro synth and low quality effects
    i think even my Microkorg sounds better
    but the 303 acid sounds are perfect !

  5. I have had one for a while and the sound quality definitely changes if you use all oscillators at max volume. This is due to the powerful sound and multiple sound sources.
    Once you mix it correctly you can get some great warm and thick synth sounds.

    I also found not using the given psu has an effect on the sound. This unit likes current so don’t use a weedy psu of the correct voltage.

    I won’t be selling mine 🙂

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