Dudadius’ ‘Chicago Patch’

Sunday Synth Jam: This video captures a modular synthesizer live performance by Dudadius.

The performance was part of a presentation on modular synthesis for Chicago Ideas Week.

Technical details:

Intro drone is Intellijel Shapeshifter with some Audio Damage dub delay.
Bassy chord is Pressure Points manually playing a Modcan Triple Osc (3 cv’s tuning chords). Korgasmatron II filter. Sub bass double from Makenoise STO. Pamela’s Workout kicks in with master clock.

Monome White Whale channel B plays pulse bass on an Atlantis.

Another shifting drone is the Cloud Generator with a VCO-2RM playing harmonies, via a uScale. Frames is shifting through the notes, via a Wogglebug.
Lead synth thing is a Macbeth Dual Osc/Filter, from channel A of White While.
Kick drum is Basimilus Iteratis. Snare is DPO/Maths. Channels 3 and 4 of White Whale.

Vocals fx, via a Nebulae, being modulated by Monome Meadowphysics.
‘Hat’ synth is a Rubicon/Wavefolder.

Another sequence via Rene and FMDVO.

Metroplis is playing a sequence that plays the Mysteron. Some Erbeverb on that.

Everything sub mixed through Mutamix, VCA-4mx, Triatt…into Dubmix.

7 thoughts on “Dudadius’ ‘Chicago Patch’

      1. Agreed but it must at least not hurt the ears. Regardless, a mistake is a mistake, there are many in this “jam”!

    1. I certainly don’t expect everyone or even most to like this sort of music, but…

      out of sync? i’m curious what sounded that way to you, because everything was rock solid in that regard, is far as I was aware of.. Pamela’s workout driving Monome White Whale, Rene, and Metropolis. All tight there.

      and as for ‘mistakes’…well, that’s subjective. it was an improvisation, based on a few musical phrases I had pre-composed and patched. a mistake implies that i was going for one thing, but got a different result. i merely got what I got. hehe.

      to me, nothing is ‘correct’ or ‘perfect’ in this genre, rather, it’s either an honest expression of emotion or it’s not. and i leave that up to each person to interpret.

      thanks for listening, though! cheers!

  1. Beautiful. Man it’s very lush and ‘musical’. You have a number of great mini patches, some really great tones/sounds and the various ideas flow together very nicely. A patch to aspire to. Thanks.

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