Roger Linn Demos The Original MPC

In 1988, Akai Pro introduced the Roger Linn-designed MPC 60 MIDI Production Center.

MPC’s went on to change electronic music, becoming a core piece of gear for a wide variety of electronic genres. 

Enjoy the mauve, the skinny ties, the hair and the 80’s-tastic riffs. But more importantly, check out this video if you want to understand Linn’s original vision for the MPC.

13 thoughts on “Roger Linn Demos The Original MPC

  1. I love these retro promos for new gear. It looks like they actually recorded on an old video camera!
    My only complaint is that the pads are not backlit. Come on guys! Even the Launchpad Mini has backlit pads.
    Also they didn’t say how much will it cost, and they didn’t say when it’s going to be in stores.

  2. i love hearing him and Dave Smith talk, they did so much for music! and they’re still so humble.

    no big deal, just invented the MPC. no big deal, just invented MIDI. 🙂

    this vid is a great find.

  3. I wonder if there will ever be something made nowadays that will be meant as a musical instrument and at the same time will kind of revolutionize the future for something new.

  4. Wow, that is complex! Almost as bad as Octatrack!
    I wish Elektron would hire the guys who did the Kemper Profiler manual to write their documentation.
    I haven’t seen it, but I would assume the Access Virus manual is equally easy to follow.

  5. I wanted to see him trip the fuck out and start bustin some beats. They trully never learn. If you make something that is supossed to do womething noone is gonna do it mate. If you give someone a violin and tell him it’s the new mpc he’s gonna learn how to play violin. If you give em a violin and tell em it’s a violin they’re gonna reach the limits of human ability to use it like a good ol’ mpc. The violin and mpc are just relevant examples, this applies to any object.

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