Arturia iProphet Synthesizer On The iOS Update

In the latest episode of Sweetwater’s iOS Update, host Mitch Gallagher takes a look at the new Arturia iProphet software synthesizer.

iProphet is an iPad software synth that recreates the sound of the classic Sequential Circuits Prophet VS synthesizer.

Arturia iProphet is available now in the App Store for US $9.99.

If you’ve used iProphet, leave a comment and let us know what you think of it!

6 thoughts on “Arturia iProphet Synthesizer On The iOS Update

  1. The only iOS synth that manages to reboot my iPad Air – everytime I use it. No other app ever came close. Hope it’s better with the update, but looking at iSEM which still crackles, I’m not setting hopes too high.

    1. Odd, used it a lot on ipad 2 without crashes. Maybe see if a reinstall solves it?
      iSem and iProphet are both from Arturia but iSem was ported by a different developer (TempoRubato).

  2. Sounds great, but…. on the iPad two it only has four voices of polyphony. What gives, guys? The poster child synth for slowly evolving textures and it can’t even manage as much polyphony as the original?

    A big thumbs down to Arturia for not mentioning this on their site.

  3. works perfectly on ios7 with iPad mini but no camera kit works with it
    Tried both official and unofficial and using many keyboards including minilab none seem to work

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