MiMiX Audiobus Mixer (Sneak Preview)


This video is a sneak preview of MiMiX – a new mixer app for Audiobus.

MiMiX is designed to let you control and mix the output of multiple iPad music apps. 

Here’s a preview of MiMiX in action:


  • Mix up to 8 Audiobus enabled apps including the system input or multiple channels of a multi-channel input hardware
  • Set the main mix volume level between -INF and +12dB
  • Set the volume level of each input port between -INF and +12dB
  • Set the panning or balance of each port (selectable)
  • Mute any port
  • Set any port to solo
  • Monitor any port or the main mix on the built-in oscilloscopes and VU meters
  • Control the main mix volume and volume, balance, mute and solo for each port using a MIDI controller or a Core MIDI app
  • Set the MIDI CC parameters of each control via MIDI learn
  • Set the MIDI channel and button behaviour in the System Settings
  • Double-tap on each knob or slider to set its default value
  • Check the saturation indicator for each port to check if the pots power reached 0dB
  • Check the clip indicator on the main mix to avoid clipping.
  • MiMiX uses a 32 bit integer engine so clipping can only occur at the main mix

Pricing and availability are to be announced. More info is available at the developer’s site.

3 thoughts on “MiMiX Audiobus Mixer (Sneak Preview)

  1. Looks promising. I really would love is an eq per channel, sweepable mids ideally. I do use remaster for eq, but it would be so much easier with a virtual mixer with eq. Since IPad audio production is still in its infancy relatively speaking, each step toward full integration and pro studio mimicry should be applauded.

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