Positive Grid Intros BIAS Desktop Amp Matching Plug-In

bias-desktopPositive Grid has launched BIAS Desktop – a new amp modeling plug-in (AAX/RTAS/AU/VST) for Mac and PC.

“Instead of providing a fixed number of amp models, BIAS Desktop represents an entire new concept on guitar sound: guitar players can now virtually design their own amps, using Amp Matching Technology to capture their golden tube amplifiers,” says BIAS Product Manager Calvin Abel, “and finally they can share or download thousands of amp models on ToneCloud, also we are currently working with worldwide artists and studios to expand this platform.”

Here’s the official intro to BIAS Desktop:

Here’s a video that looks at amp matching with BIAS Desktop:


  • 36 HD amp models included with the introductory release
  • Amp Matching captures any miked amp or recorded track and creates a matched model
  • Share and download thousands of artist- and user-created and matched amp models on ToneCloud
  • Fully customizable preamps, tone stacks, power amps, transformers, cabinets and mic selection and placement—mix and match!
  • Customize the look and feel of your own amp panel; change the name, tolex, panel and knobs.
  • Works the way guitarists think: tweak gain and overdrive, swap out tubes and transformers, change the cabinet and mic position, and shape the tone with different tone stacks and two 8-band equalizers
  • Included noise gate and room simulator
  • Create a virtually unlimited number of custom amps
  • Quick preset facility recalls each of your 8 favorite settings in turn with just one tap


  • OS X 10.7 or later
  • Audio Units, VST, RTAS, AAX (32 and 64-bit)


  • Windows 7 (SP1) or Windows 8
  • VST, RTAS, AAX (32 and 64-bit)

BIAS comes in two versions:

  • BIAS Desktop ($99.00) includes all amp design modules and access to ToneCloud to download thousands of amp models.
  • BIAS Professional ($199.00) adds Amp Matching Technology, Exclusive Amp Matching Models on ToneCloud, and three Amp Design Expansion Packs (Glassy Pack, Crunch Pack and Insane Pack).

Details are available at the Positive Grid site.

5 thoughts on “Positive Grid Intros BIAS Desktop Amp Matching Plug-In

  1. I’m curious what guitar-tone guys think of BIAS’s emulations.

    I know lots of guitarists have been pretty critical of the Line6 models. I can understand why, as there is a kind of digital gnarly quality (a bit like bit-crushing in the high frequencies). Perhaps the Pods and others have improved in this area.

    I like the sounds I get from the iOS version of BIAS, but have had clicking/popping problems (which may be related to my interface). I haven’t done a hard-core A-B comparison with Yonac’s Tone Stack– which offers a comparable set of features (with the welcome addition of signal path splitting).

    For my personal needs, I can’t justify spending the 100/200 for a desktop version, since I can pretty easily insert my iPad with BIAS for my occasional needs. But I can see it being a very useful studio tool for those who live in that world.

  2. Sounds pretty good, but no fx at all so you will need to use it with other plug ins in most cases which makes presets involving typical fx (delays reverb etc) more complicated to sa e as presets

    1. I get your point, but I prefer being able to use my other fave plugs and route things more easily in the DAW than within in the plugin.

  3. I’ve been using Bias (Desktop) for about a month or so now.. It’s great! I’ve had compliments about how great the guitar tones were and they’re shocked to find out it was a software based Amp Emulation and not a Mic’d up cab.. Don’t get me wrong, I still do use a live amp from time to time but for on the go producing and for faster work flow time this software (plug-in) is amazing! So glad I got it! It’ll make my next album shine for sure..

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