Saitara Software Intros AC-X iPad Remote For Logic Pro X

ac-x-logic-pro-remoteSaitara Software has introduced AC-X, a 16 channel wireless control surface for Apple’s Logic Pro X and other recording/mixing systems.

The app uses the industry standard MCU protocol, so should work with most recording/mixing software out there (but not Pro Tools yet). For the initial release, the control panel button layout is set up for Logic Pro X, but the developer says that the main mixing screen should work with most other systems.

AC-X was designed to maximize screen real estate for hands-on mixing, while also giving quick access to deeper functions. Likewise, the transport buttons (play, stop etc) are integrated into the time display at the top of the screen to always be available.

Here’s an example of AC-X in action:

 AC-X is available for US $9.99 in the App Store.

4 thoughts on “Saitara Software Intros AC-X iPad Remote For Logic Pro X

  1. iPads try to cram far too much into too small a space. I get the feeling a lot of people have never really sat at a mixer and gotten used to the actual work flow. There’s an organic engagement you don’t get otherwise. This app doesn’t help that a bit. With the recent jump in power on the newest iPad, they’re getting close, but anything that demands a stylus to operate can bite me. People are clearly dazzled by the portability, but its just too miniaturized, which feels unmusical in use. If they want to convert me, they’ll have to offer at least a 15″ pad that gives me some slinging room. The mixer is almost another instrument to me, so anything that cramps its use doesn’t feel right. Coming soon: a large enough pad that hits the sweet spot between novelty and the actual human hand. “Real” laptop composers will carry their 15″-inch iPads around in slim-lined Gator cases, just not THIS month. 😀

  2. The official apple logic app works pretty damn awesome. Super useful. Something to be said for controlling the app from my vocal booth.

  3. I can’t imagine not having my ipad Logic remote (the official apple one). Being able to walk around my studio and mix, for example a surround sound environment, is incredible. For ten bucks I am buying this as I am sure it does some things better. I have a mixing board and I am using it less and less as it keeps me stuck at a desk. Being able to monitor the sound and adjust in real time as I walk the room is truly liberating.

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