Taylor Swift + Aphex Twin = Aphex Swift


David Rees decided to make an album of Aphex Twin / Taylor Swift mashups, because they both have great production and, at least in his view, ‘Taylor Swift is as scary as Aphex Twin’:

“We’ve got to acknowledge that Taylor Swift is sort of terrifying,” writes Rees. “Aphex Twin is famously camera shy, and employs a lot of cryptic/creepy imagery in his videos. Of course, I wouldn’t describe Taylor Swift as camera-shy … but her incredible poise and superhuman competence are, to me, just as alien and intimidating as Aphex Twin’s photoshopped leering ghoul-faces. It’s a cliche to describe a celebrity as controlled and masterful as Taylor Swift as robotic, but I think there’s some truth there, especially in an age when we assume — rightly or wrongly — any pop singer who hits a high note did it with the help of a computer.”

Does the combo work? You can check it out via the embed below:


21 thoughts on “Taylor Swift + Aphex Twin = Aphex Swift

  1. Did the tracks get pulled? I browsed a few, but then couldn’t get to any others (and now the embed won’t load). If so, let’s debate which of the two artists were more adamant about getting it taken down – my guess is it was Richard. 😉

  2. The parts here feel too separate. It sounds more like Taylor Swift singing atop Aphex Twin tricks rather than cohesive pieces of music.
    ‘Everything Has Cornmouthed’ is the best piece here, in my opinion.

  3. I’m a huge fan of Aphex Twin (and RDJ in general), while I’ve barely heard any Taylor Swift-tracks. I think she seems like a cool person, but I haven’t checked out her music all that much. This compilation however, is just flipping great.

    “Why You Gotta Be So Flim” is a clear favorite and it’ll get an absurd amount of playtime the coming weeks.

  4. What a load of pointless shite. One is an over marketed commercial Yankee tart and the other is a deluded overhyped late 80s relic

    Two wrongs don’t make a right!

      1. It’s not that I don’t like “him”, but his music is actually utter shite and not evolved over the years. Analogue bubble bath was “ok” back in the day but he lacks polish in the final mix and keeps repeating himself nauseum.

        Considering its 2014 and he has many years under his belt, and considered a genius by some, shouldn’t he have invented some genre by now?

        Come on, he is still making experimental techno that sounds half done at best, a few acid bleeps, poorly compressed roland kicks, snares and hats?

        I actually listened to his latest album and its no different at all to what he’s already done, in some ways it’s worse

        You guys just rate him cause he uses hardware a lot lol

          1. Duh, aphex is a well known and prolific producer no doubt, me? I’m juss a little guy who loves and makes music and is not bothered about the outcome of it.

            But we are talking about a very well known artist here who it seems is a pisstaker.

            The guy gets wasted, pressed record and hopes for the best lol;) are u gonna tell me his music is actually polished?

  5. this is awesome! Love when worlds melt together! its like putting chocolate on pizza, (that exists)
    coming from one of the biggest Aphex fans and not knowing anything about taylor swift
    makes me think of Girl Talk.

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