iZotope Releases Ozone 6 Mastering Platform


iZotope, Inc. has launched the latest version of its mastering software, Ozone. 

According to the company, ‘Ozone 6 features the largest user-interface overhaul in iZotope history’. The update emphasizes usability and making it easy for users to experiment, so the mastering process can be used creatively.

Other features of the new version include:

  • New Analog Hardware-modeled EQ filter shapes
  • Surgical Mode allows you to utilize the precision of digital shapes for extreme cuts with minimum slope.
  • Variable EQ Phase Control
  • Seamless Bypass
  • Customizable Signal Chain
  • Module Gain Meters
  • Transient Emphasis
  • Triode and Dual Triode Exciter Modes
  • Stereoize Control
  • Variable Knee Compression
  • Dynamics Detection Enhancements
  • New Presets utilize the improvements introduced in Ozone 6 including new Component Plug-in Presets with Ozone Advanced.

Here’s a video into to Ozone 6:

There are multiple versions of Ozone 6, see the iZotope site for details.


  • Ozone 6: Promotional price $199 USD (Reg $249 USD)
  • Ozone 6 Advanced: Promotional Price $599 USD (Reg $999 USD)
  • Upgrade from Ozone 1-5 to Ozone 6: Upgrade always available at a special price of $99 USD
  • Upgrade from Ozone 1-5  to Ozone 6 Advanced: Promotional price $399 USD (Reg $750 USD)
  • Upgrade from Ozone 5 Advanced to Ozone 6 Advanced: Always available at a special price of $299 USD

Grace Period Purchases: Customers who purchased Ozone 5 after September 1, 2014, will receive a free upgrade to Ozone 6 upon release.

Customers who purchased Ozone 5 Advanced after September 1, 2014, will receive a free upgrade to Ozone 6 Advanced upon release.

7 thoughts on “iZotope Releases Ozone 6 Mastering Platform

  1. I use Fabfilter plugs for these tasks, currently. Can anyone advise me, what improvements I could expect from Ozone? Currently I am favouring Fabfilter for their pretty colours???? But, there must be a better way to decide????

    1. i love and swear by Fabfilter
      but iZotope is industry standard it is the tools the big boys use ,
      iZotope is magic …,literally magic, all things are possible with iZotope

  2. Great set of tools for 199USD (new users), pro price is a bit of a joke for very little extra….but I guess if you master for a living it may be worth it….
    I have Ozone 5 and will not be upgrading for 100USD as you actually get less features (paid downgrade!) and whilst I could live with loosing the reverb, I cant live without presets for the individual modules. Someone at iZotope really messed up with this one. or they think the buyers of their products are really stupid and will be smitten with a new GUI!

  3. I will start buy saying that, I did purchase an (upgrade?) to Ozone 6, due to an initial impression that Ozone 6 sounded better.
    After remastering a group of tracks and burning a CD I discovered I was wrong!
    The new sound was lifeless, dimensionless, flat, bottomless, weak and no-longer stood in well with professional CD’s. (I actually had that going with Ozone 5).

    I figured It was something I did wrong so I went back to scratch.
    I initially, precisely copied my ozone 5 module settings, although I admit it could not be 100% since Ozone 6 no-longer has the amount controls which I used on 5 of the modules, or the reverb which I used to add a small amount of room sound for a more live and dimensional sound..

    One of the main reason I bought Ozone 6 was because I assumed they would have finally fixed the bug In The EQ match area.
    To my dismay I discovered that they carried the disease forward.
    The bug for those of you who don’t know about this problem is; when sampling curves for each individual song and naming those curves, they only remained intact while your D.A.W. was opened.
    Once you saved your work and exit; the next time you open your D.A.W., It is all lost.
    You will find that all of your songs now have the same curve and the name of the last song sampled.
    To tell what a CRAP company Izotope is; even though they were nagged about it by me for over FIVE YEARS, to solve this problem, they NEVER did.
    Their answer was for me to save and reload each song every time, so that it what I did.
    At Least that didn’t take as long as re-sampling every song.
    With Ozone 6 this problem is now worse because they took away the save and load option, so if you use EQ match, you have to re-sample every song if you exit your D.A.W.

    I have tried for over a week to even match the sound quality of Ozone 5, because I have yet to improve it with Ozone 6.
    It is not possible to even match the sound!

    My Findings:
    1. Ozone 6 EQ is lacking in brightness, punch and volume compared to Ozone 5.
    2. Ozone 6 Maximizer is also lower in volume. -4.5 in ozone 6 is needed to match 3.8 in Ozone 5.
    I found all of the other modules to be about the same as Ozone 5. Harmonic Exciter, Dynamics, (minus the limiter), Stereo Imaging, (minus the offset and invert and swap and mono), and the Post EQ.
    3. Ozone 6 removed the Amount Sliders, which also added dimension when tweaking smaller amount of the various modules.
    4. Ozone 6 Modules don’t really turn off like Ozone 5 modules do,
    Check CPU usage and you will see that, you can turn all of the modules off and the usage remains the same. In Ozone 5, the usage drops with every module that you turn off.
    5. NO MORE REVERB! Big mistake. The people at Izotope must feel that less dimension is better.
    6 EQ Match Disease carried forward. This one really pisses me off!
    In Ozone 5 you could sample 8 songs name, save and load those samples.
    With ozone 6 it is 2 samples with no name, save or load. again a downgrade.

    My Conclusion:
    Although I purchased Ozone 6, try as I may, I have not been able to make my songs sound better than, or even as good as, I already had with Ozone 5.
    Ozone 6 took every song in a negative direction.
    It is a total downgrade in every way. Features have been removed and no improvements made, unless you like the new Cosmetic look better. (I kind of do)!
    For Ozone 6 to be and upgrade Izotope would have to have left all of the features of Ozone 5 in place and either added or improved those features.
    Izitope did the opposite!
    They remove many very useful features and degraded the sound quality of the EQ.
    The passed along a five year old bug and left you with no work around.

    The greedy corporate giants in the food industry will put less product in the same sized box and charge you more, but how does Izotope gain with it’s software downgrade?
    Ozone 6 is a downgrade at this point, and I expect it will remain that way since they don’t really listen to their customers.
    It is not worth your time or your money to downgrade to Ozone 6 period.
    End of story!

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