TC Helicon Intros Voice Jam Studio For iPad


Today TC Helicon has released Voice Jam Studio, a vocal effects processor and looper for the iPad.

Voice Jam Studio offers 50 vocal effects, a looping studio, recording and MIDI support, Inter-App Audio, AudioCopy, and Audiobus.

Here’s the official video intro:

Key Features:

  • 50 Vocal Effects – offering a full pallet of production quality effects giving you real-time control of the vocal path. These effects include, Hardtune, Gender bending, Chorus, Flange, Transducer, Distortion, Delay, Reverb, Echo, Doubling and Micromod.
  • Looping Studio – Record up to 4 fully independent loop tracks, with up to 8 minutes per loop. Voice Jam Studio can automatically keep all of your loops synchronized to the beat even if they are different lengths or if you trigger them at different times. Voice Jam Studio also synchronizes to external MIDI devices to allow it to be used in combination with other MIDI controllers and sound generators.
  • Recording – Every aspect of your performance is captured including audio, video and all your app-interface interactions. Share the resulting music video with your friends, your fans, and the world on YouTube or SoundCloud.
  • Connectivity – Voice Jam Studio can connect with other apps through Apple’s Inter-App Audio, AudioCopy, and Audiobus. It also synchronizes to external MIDI devices connected to the iPad.


  • Pro Vocal Effects from TC-Helicon
  • 4 fully independent stereo loops tracks
  • Up to 8 minutes per loop
  • Unlimited overdubs
  • Performance audio and video recorder
  • Share your music to YouTube
  • Share your music to SoundCloud
  • Audiobus Connectivity
  • Inter-App Audio Connectivity
  • iOS 8 Compatible – iPad
  • Some of the same features found in VoiceLive 3
  • MIDI sync support
  • Multiple levels of undo / redo
  • Multiple synchronization and playback modes
  • Audio and visual metronome with stick, kick drum, shaker, tambourine, cowbell sound effects
  • Stereo sound with pan and level control for each track
  • Multitrack audio recorder
  • Gentle to extreme pitch autocorrection
  • Gender bending
  • Micromod choruses & flanges
  • Transducer fx and distortion
  • Independent electronica filters per track
  • Single-tap fade-in/fade-out automation
  • Save your music for later

Voice Jam Studio works best with headphones. If you have any issues check out our support forums at

Pricing and Availability

TC-Helicon’s Voice Jam Studio is available in the iTunes App Store. It will regularly retail for $19.99 US, but is currently available at an introductory price of $9.99.

A playlist of VoiceJam Studio tutorials is available on YouTube, and additional product information is available at VoiceJam Studio website.

12 thoughts on “TC Helicon Intros Voice Jam Studio For iPad

  1. ” Performance video recorder”: That’s cool. Maybe the trolls will find a new place to hang out. I’ve been yearning for a gender-bending effect on iOS. Gonna give this a try since my wife won’t let me have female vocalists hang out upstairs.

  2. How does this differ from what they offer with their hardware voice processors like the VoiceLive? It looks like they’ve ported over most of the tools.

    Also – it looks like IK’s Vocal Live competition is pushing the issues.

    1. It beats the hell out of the lame looper in their hardware.
      But doesn’t have the MIDI and audio controlled harmonizing that the hardware does.

      1. It’s an interesting development – an iPad app should be able to meet the needs of 90% of the people that use dedicated hardware systems like VoiceLive, just like the iPad killed off interest in the hardware Lemur controller.

        It seems like TC would be smart to dive in 100%. MIDI control works fine on iOS, so you have to wonder if they are trying to protect their hardware market.

      1. Hell yeh it does brah!!!!!
        I’ve been wanting to grab their hardware but it’s too expensive. But for 7 bucks as of Nov. 28 why not?

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  4. Bought the Voice jam studio app for my iPhone. Just bought the MP-70 mic and tc-helicon phone to microphone/headphone adaptor. I can hear the metronome when I have it in “Dry” mode, but the mic isn’t picking up at all. And I hear nothing at all if I choose another vocal effect. is there a microphone permissions setting that I can’t find?

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