The MacBeth Elements Spring Reverb & Tape Delay Simulator (Sneak Preview)

Synth designer Ken MacBeth is working on the Spring Reverberation circuits and the Tape Delay Simulator for his MacBeth Elements Synthesizer.

This video is a sneak preview of the new designs in action. Here’s what MacBeth has to say about the video:

Sometimes making a demo of a synthesizer can be quite hard- especially when one like this does so much- so I thought- just do whatever comes to me!

It’s quite a raucous video at times- and to me there are some sounds that are reminiscent of vintage old school electronic stuff- at times there are some pretty ancient 40’s and 50’s like sounds!

There may be mild distortion here- it’s been recorded directly into my camera.

via macbethsynthesizers

14 thoughts on “The MacBeth Elements Spring Reverb & Tape Delay Simulator (Sneak Preview)

  1. He always calls his delay circuit a “Tape Delay Simulator.” I wonder what he actually uses for the effect. Is it just a pt2399? Does anyone know?

  2. This is what science fiction films should look like. Instead of the cleaning fluid and car commercials they are these days.

    1. What an ignorant comment. Do you not understand what military grade components/specs actually means? Ken has answered this before. Stop trolling.

  3. Ken kicks ass. so many little pukes making synth demoes these days with no taste for the more awesome sounds synths can have.

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