Ninstruments’ Chris Blarsky Interview

chris-blarskyNinstruments’ Chris Blarsky is featured in the latest episode of the Arts + Music + Technology podcast.

Blarsky, right with a giant balloon creation, is known for creating Gameboy music systems and creating custom Eurorack hacks of Pittsburgh Oscillator, Moog Werkstatt and the TI Speak & Read.

In this audio interview, host Darwin Grosse talks with Blarsky about where his interests in music and hacking came from (Commodore 64), Ninstrument and game music. 

You can listen to the interview with Ninstrument’s Chris Blarsky below or via the A+M+T site:

One thought on “Ninstruments’ Chris Blarsky Interview

  1. Ha! I sold Chris Blarsky my Commodore 64 for $190 sometime around 1989! Listening to him now I can’t believe how much we have in common. I remember rockin’ out to chiptunes I recorded from my new Amiga (thanks to that sale to Chris!) in the dish room at S’barro at Westwood.

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